Staying Steadfast

March 25

Dear Friends,

You and I are experiencing a time unlike any other. As I talk with many friends around our nation, there is a sense that things are shifting so quickly, that we can’t get our bearings. One friend reflected, “now I truly understand what my own parents experienced in the 1930’s.” He continued, “they spoke of how their family, neighbors, church and community all pulled together and saw each other through.” They were steadfast… one to another.

In challenging times, Christ-followers are the ones who are steadfast, the ones who are sought out by those looking for hope around us, and the ones who are reaching out to our neighbors with encouragement, hope and help. We are steadfast because of how our Father models it for us (Ps. 33:18- Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love)!

We recognize that government can only do so much (and shouldn’t try to do more!). The Church has always been the steadfast help in times of crisis. Indeed, the Church is–and has always been–designed by our Lord for that very purpose!

Through these times, Family Policy Alliance is remaining steadfast in our mission and amplifying the voice of the Church by:

  • Discipling men and women serving in the mission field of elected office. Equipping them with policy and messaging to advance the causes of life, family and religious liberty—and achieving significant results together!
  • Engaging in election strategy right now so we can help more pro-family legislators win in November. This includes helping the President, the only prolife candidate in the race, win a second term; retaining conservative leadership in the Senate to ensure that conservative judges are nominated to the courts; helping the election tide come in to pick up crucial House seats so that Nancy Pelosi’s extreme agenda is replaced with pro-family leadership; and helping pro-family state lawmakers lead the way across the country because policy set in the states heavily influences what happens at the national level.
  • Advocating for the family in state capitols and in DC when politicians try to insert “pork” into legislation—such as when Nancy Pelosi wanted to slip in taxpayer funding for abortion in the Coronavirus plan.

We are steadfast in our mission. Thank you for your past sacrificial support to Family Policy Alliance. If you can continue to support us financially at this time, it will only help us advance the mission further. If you can support us through prayer–that will have an exponential effect!  As a debt-free ministry, we are positioned to carry on–by God’s grace.

Standing for the family of Believers,

Paul Weber
Ps. 112:6,7