ALERT: Ask the Governor to sign Senate File 97-Born Alive Infant-Means of Care

March 26

Dear Friends:

While the news has been consumed by coverage of the COVID-19 epidemic and we have all started to notice the lack of some goods in our stores, there are many other vital issues that still need our attention.

One of those is Senate File 97–Born Alive Infant–Means of Care legislation. This is the bill many of you called, wrote or personally drove to the Legislature to support.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Governor to sign the bill. I am asking you to write an email or call the Governor and politely ask him to sign Senate File 97 into law. Simply click here and you can send him a message in 30 seconds.

After you have sent the message through our Action Center, please forward or share this message with other pro-life family members and friends in your area. It is important that Governor Gordon hear from as many people as possible. Time is of the essence.

Thank you for making your voice heard and for standing for the unborn children of Wyoming.


Nathan Winters
Executive Director