When Fake News Marries a Quarantine

March 26

As I write this, I want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. May the Lord keep you safe and well and may He be a great source of comfort and hope in this time of uncertainty!

These times are, indeed, interesting, and our nation is being challenged in unique and unprecedented ways – including quarantines and social distancing that have rocked our culture across the board. One such way was evident on social media last weekend as proof of what so many are saying regarding “idle hands.”

With many spending extra time on social media these days, a “fake news” story took off this weekend attacking Senator Kelly Loeffler, who has been endorsed by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia®. The “research” for this story was done by a George Soros funded organization, initially authored by a far-left outlet, and culminated in a petition by radical progressive MoveOn.org attacking Loeffler.

Our pro-life, pro-family Senator – appointed by the nation’s most pro-life Governor – addresses the slanderous allegations here.

I hope you’ll take the time to learn the truth about the absurdly false claims being circulated – politically motivated and aimed at preying on people’s emotions during a national crisis. Below is a list of FACTS that originally appeared on my personal Facebook page:

  • Kelly Loeffler is quite wealthy. For me, I see her success story as part of the American Dream and a sign of her competence and talent. It also means that, like Donald J. Trump, she can’t be bought (only 2% of her campaign funds are PAC contributions compared to 37% for Collins). You can choose not to like the fact that she has wealth, but it’s important to understand as you read these stories.
  • Due to her role with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Kelly Loeffler has, for many years, had her investments handled by someone else. Because her accounts are held jointly with her husband, that has continued. Investments are made blindly, and she has not, does not, will not handle her own investments. More importantly, she COULD NOT – even if she wanted to.
  • Kelly Loeffler is the only Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in the Senate, and she helped make her company’s regulations more strict. She’s understands regulations, and she understands the Senate rules. Her finances are incredibly transparent. The reason her investments are known is because she reported them.
  • In the first reporting period of this year, Kelly’s accounts had transactions that were, in total, a small fraction of her portfolio. Someone who did the math said it was 0.14% of her portfolio as a whole – not exactly an amount that would affect her status as a wealthy person. I’ve talked to multiple financial planners, and the moves made in those accounts are what one would expect from a managed account NOT from insider knowledge.
  • Again, it bears repeating that, had Kelly Loeffler attended a briefing, had she heard something in that briefing that was massive, had she been able to identify the individual to call to handle her transactions, and had she felt like making transactions within 0.14% of her portfolio – transactions reflective of the rest of the market, and had she deemed it to be worth risking everything, she still COULD NOT have ordered those transactions.
  • Kelly Loeffler received notice of these transactions on February 16th. This was the first time she received anything to make her aware of what had happened within her accounts.
  • While headlines are certainly inflammatory – and it is certainly politically advantageous for some to take advantage of a fake news story – the reality is that Kelly Loeffler is doing exactly what we’d want a wealthy elected official to do. Her funds are managed independently/blindly, and she’s transparent with her finances. She’s complying with more rules than anyone else in politics. Neither the logic of this instance, the facts of this instance, or the possibilities of this instance back up the slanderous allegations against her.
  • You can certainly choose to support another candidate, and you can have valid reasons for doing so. I support Kelly Loeffler because I know her to be the best candidate for advancing our values nationally and in Georgia. You may go a different route. However, to ascribe evil actions or intentions to someone when the facts do not support your argument is simply wrong.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have no doubt that – as soon as the “story” broke – you began seeing false posts on social media eager to trumpet these false claims. For some, these posts are a shameful ploy to promote their preferred candidate in a time of crisis. For others, the phony headlines raised sincere concerns.

For all of us, however, our concern first and foremost should be the truth. We have endorsed Kelly Loeffler in her campaign because we know her to be the best candidate for advancing our pro-life, pro-family movement. If you’ve come to a different conclusion, that is certainly your right.

However, with many rushing to accuse our Senator of unethical behavior and attacking her integrity, it is my hope that you will promote truth instead.

In this “read headline and react” social media era, it’s a temptation to use technology tools as a means to spread falsehoods or “bad reports.” I encourage you, in all things, to seek Him, pursue truth, and – especially in this time of national crisis where Christians should lead the way in “coming together” – use your platform for unity.

Praying for you and for our nation in this trying time,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. As you seek information regarding the Coronavirus, I encourage you to follow Governor Kemp’s Facebook page, where he is posting regular updates and videos.