Why We’re Still Open

April 3

Some of our followers have asked whether Family Policy Alliance is still open and operating during the COVID-19 crisis. The answer is absolutely yes, and I’d love to share with you the reasons why.

1. The vision still matters.

Our vision at Family Policy Alliance is to see a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. We don’t need that less in light of COVID-19—we need it more.

It is our daily prayer that God would be honored in all that we do, in our nation, and certainly in the work of His people during a time of crisis.

COVID-19 and the amazing response of the faith community is a perfect of example of why we fight for religious freedom for all. It is because of this freedom that so many ministries throughout our country are serving families and communities in need right now. Religious freedom founded America and is what keeps it strong today.

Families are working and schooling at home, and in many cases, finances are strained. More than ever, families need policies that support them and leaders who advocate for them.

And more than ever we need to cherish life. While Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry exploit a crisis, and while discussions about “rationing medical care” raise concerns about how the lives of the elderly and those with disabilities will be treated, we must be a nation known for how it cherishes life.

2. The work serving families & advancing the vision continues.

Right now, we’re actively working in states, calling on elected leaders to stop abortion facilities from operating (and using medical equipment) while nearly everything else remains shut down.

We’ve been busy getting wins for the family in Idaho, where the Governor signed three major pro-family bills this week! Thanks to your action and support, Idaho women can play sports without competition from biological men, Idaho parents will be informed – and have the chance to act – if a hospital wishes to remove life-sustaining support from their child, and Idaho birth certificates and vital records will accurately reflect a person’s sex.

And we’ve been calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to do everything it can to protect the lives of preborn babies in all its efforts to combat the coronavirus. For example, when Nancy Pelosi’s COVID-19 plan included a billion-dollar funding stream that did NOT include longstanding protections for taxpayers so they don’t have to fund abortions, we asked all of you to contact Congress. And you did! We now have a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package with strong prolife protections, and Congress knows it must retain those protections for future legislation.

And, after the coronavirus crisis is over, America will face a monumental election this fall. Our passion and calling in the election are to ensure that families know which candidates in the race are most pro-family and will best represent their values at the state and national levels.

Because so many state legislatures adjourned early this year as a result of COVID-19, that means many pro-life, pro-family pieces of legislation weren’t able to move forward. That means, in many states, double the work needs to be done in state capitols next year! We’re already preparing for that.

3. Our team is always “remote.”

We are grateful that our team has been largely working remotely long before COVID-19. Family Policy Alliance’s headquarters is in Colorado Springs, but our team works from states scattered across the country. So, we are used to connecting on video meetings and setting up “offices” wherever the need is!

The picture at the top of this email is of our regular Friday-morning prayer call with some of our team. Coworkers called in from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wyoming.

And that brings me to my final point. We’d like to pray for you. As our team gathers on Monday and Friday mornings for prayer-by-video, we’d be honored to pray for you and your family. We know that these are challenging times. One friend of our ministry shared he was forced to lay off thousands of employees. Our team members and their families are learning to work and conduct school from home.

As we gather together to lift up the needs of our nation and our own team, we would be honored to bring your prayer requests before our Heavenly Father as well.

Simply click here to share your prayer request.

For the family,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy