supremely kingly

April 9

He came into town riding on a donkey – a site that certainly could not have been imposing – yet He was kingly.

Days later, mere days, the crowds that adored Him chanted for His death – yet He was kingly.

They beat Him, humiliated Him, and nailed Him to a cross – yet He was kingly.

Christ is King. He is King all the time and in all circumstances. He is King whether we adore Him or whether He is despised. In all things, at all times, and in all places Christ is King.

… Even when celebrating Easter from a laptop, watching a service on a livestream.

This Easter Sunday won’t be like any before. You won’t put on those new clothes, and you won’t fellowship – at least not in the same way. Yet, the Kingship of Christ will not be at all diminished.

Our state and our nation are in crisis – yet He is on the throne.

He reigns, even in the face of COVID-19. He rules, even when all we see around us is chaos.

I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter. Even more, I hope it’s a day when your hope is renewed. I hope it’s a day when, instead of being scared or frightened or anxious, you see Christ enthroned and supremely kingly.

In awe of the King,

President and Executive Director