ACTION ALERT: Help Us Defend Girls’ Sports

April 17

Last month, Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) signed into law the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which protects the integrity of girls’ sports by limiting participation to biological women.

That momentous victory came after Family Policy Alliance of Idaho shepherded the bill to a veto-proof supermajority in both chambers and to the governor’s desk for a signature. Thousands of you wrote letters encouraging him to sign or thanking him when he signed – your voice was heard!

Despite the overwhelming support for this common-sense and groundbreaking law in Idaho and across the nation,  the ACLU threatened that victory by filing a lawsuit against the state. Your voice is needed now to encourage the Idaho Attorney General to vigorously defend the law.

The ACLU wants a federal court to strike down the law and allow boys to compete in girls’ sports – even though this puts girls at a great disadvantage because boys often have greater muscle mass, lung capacity, and bone density than female athletes. When boys compete in girls’ categories, the competition can be over before it even begins.

We need your help to stop the ACLU’s attempt to deny athletic opportunities for girls.

This law is the first of its kind in the nation, so it’s important that we defend it. We need to make sure our daughters are protected and pave the way for other states to adopt similar protections.

Without Fairness in Women’s Sports, even the most talented female athletes will enter sporting competitions knowing that they may lose to a biological male. That’s what happened in Connecticut, where three track stars are suing because they lost out on championships and other opportunities when biological boys (who said they were girls) beat them at a state track meet.

Let’s put an end to that trend – starting in Idaho. Please take 30 seconds to send a message to Idaho’s Attorney General, Lawrence Wasden, and ask him to vigorously defend this law.

When you wrote to Governor Little, your message was loud and clear: Our girls are counting on fair competition. Help us send Attorney General Wasden the same message to protect sports in Idaho and reignite a trend of fair sports nationwide.

Will you join us?

Blaine Conzatti

Advocacy Director
Family Policy Alliance of Idaho