BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Philip Singleton for State House

April 20

When you elect a new legislator, it’s fair to expect that it will take time to acclimate, that they will start off slow, or that they will sit back and play the process in the hopes of proving their worth to those in power.

That’s not been the case with Philip Singleton – a stalwart conservative who you elected just last fall.

Since Day One, Philip Singleton has been a standout. He’s stood up and made his voice heard. He’s taken on the tough fights, and he’s been an innovative, thoughtful legislator. He’s jumped right into the fray, and no one sponsors more good bills than Philip.

Among my favorite bills this legislative session was the Student Athlete Protection Act, which protected women’s sports from being overrun by biological males who seek to identify as female and compete. This bold legislation – a bill the radical left attacked relentlessly – was sponsored by Philip, and he was a fearless advocate in the face of intense opposition.

In a short period of time, I’ve come to count Philip as a friend, and I’ve come to rely on his strategic mind and thoughtful conservative leadership.

As we work to shift the General Assembly in a more rightward direction, Philip Singleton is going to have a big role to play. There’s no vote that he does not bring a faith-perspective and conservative philosophy to, and his combination of fearlessness, conviction, and intellect is rare and needed.

In the next legislative session, we need to advance protections for women’s sports, for kids, for the right to life, and for our First Amendment rights. We have work to do for educational freedom, speech protections, and defending our values. We need Philip in these fights.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Philip Singleton in the House. A strong Christian, devoted husband and father, committed patriot, and proven conservative, I ask that you join us in supporting his re-election bid.

Supporting Philip Singleton,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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