spiritual warfare

April 30

We are under attack.

Yes, from the radical Left – which is spending millions of dollars in the hopes to take our state.

Yes, from COVID-19 – which is claiming and destroying lives and disrupting activity like we’ve never seen before.

But, also, I am increasingly convinced that we are under attack from our spiritual enemy in a very real, intense, and specific way.

I hate to hyper-spiritualize, and, as a political operative, my job is to apply savvy techniques to achieve the objectives rooted in our faith. Yet, over these last several months, it’s been impossible to escape the sense that we are on the frontlines of something bigger and more unseen.

And, it’s easy to see why we’d be attacked now.

Just a couple of months ago, our nation was experiencing unprecedented prosperity, and we were rapidly returning to a place where religious freedom was respected, the Courts were being filled with constitutionalists, and the fundamental right to life was coming closer to the day where it would once again be protected.

Just a year ago, our state was experiencing unprecedented prosperity AND our Governor signed the most pro-life piece of legislation in the country into law. The most conservative Governor we’ve ever had (and the most conservative in the nation, in my opinion) also appointed an outstanding pick to further shift the US Senate rightward. Never had there been more momentum for our state or for our values than we were experiencing as we rounded the corner into 2020.

But, all of this momentum – nationally and here in Georgia – is an election cycle away from disappearing. So, it’s not surprising that the enemy would choose to strike now.

We all have seen – in varying ways – the devastating effects of this current crisis. Loss of life, loss of property and wealth, and untold harm to families and individuals. It’s also wreaking havoc on state and federal budgets, and we’ll be paying for this for years to come.

Even beyond the virus, however, there’s been a spiritual toxicity that seems to have attacked our state.

There’s been an unbelievable amount of gridlock, infighting, and gamesmanship.

There’s been an utter rejection, in many cases, of truth and a lack of care to find it.

There’s been intentional efforts to malign the reputations of good people and constant and perpetual attacks from those that claim to be “with us” on the issues.

Social media has become toxic.

The liberal media has become even more slanted.

Those making a difference are often hindered at every turn.

I’ve seen instance after instance where the only explanation for what happens is a spiritual one – that the enemy has gathered its forces and is making our state the ground it most desperately wants to claim.

At the risk of sounding wacky, I firmly believe this. We are on the front lines of real spiritual warfare.

And, in this, I see hope.

I see hope because the reasons the enemy wants our state are the reasons we should fight so hard to keep it. Our state has the most Christ-honoring leadership it has ever had. Our state has proven that you can be #1 to do business and #1 for values. Our state is full of resilient people and ripe for an awakening. And, our state is positioned to lead the nation and set the tone for the 2020 election cycle and beyond.

The enemy wants us because we’re valuable. The enemy wants us because our light shines bright.

Often, I email about the earthly, the physical, the tangible. That’s important. Resources matter, as does strategy.

Yet, today, I just wanted to share with you the darkness I’m seeing surround us – the spiritual threat that’s upon us. I wanted to share with you the hope that I see in the radiance of our state. And, I wanted to share with you my commitment to winning this even more grandiose battle – one that needs resources and strategy, yes, but one that first and foremost needs prayer.

May God Bless Georgia and May God Bless America in this all-important battle.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. On Monday, Governor Kemp held a prayer service for our state. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE.