BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Will Wade for State House

May 1

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a patriotic speech that concludes with a “call to get involved.” The speaker, rightly, will urge the audience to do more than just complain – get up off the bench and “run for office, run for school board.”

So many choose to clap but ultimately ignore that message. Not Will Wade

Answering his community’s call, Will Wade ran for School Board 16 years ago, and, in that role, he’s made a profound difference. In his time on the Dawson County Board of Education, Will led the county to become one of the first system-wide charter school systems in Georgia, expanding choice and opportunity for Dawson families.

At a time when education is rapidly changing, it’s imperative to have leaders who understand what it means to support teachers, ensure excellent public education, and also fight for choice – believing that empowering parents and putting students first is the primary role of our education system.

We desperately need more forceful advocates for educational opportunity under the Gold Dome, and that’s just one of many reasons we’re proud to endorse Will Wade for State House.

Will is a banker and a community leader. He’s a conservative through and through, and he works hard to help others. He teaches Sunday School at his local church, and he’s a devout man of faith.

With the liberal media and the radical left constantly attacking Governor Kemp, we need more allies for the Kemp Agenda – a bold vision for our state. That’s exactly what Will Wade brings to the state. He’s unequivocally pro-life, and he’s a strong defender of religious freedom, even standing up to the radical Freedom from Religion Foundation when they threatened to sue Dawson County. Will refused to back down and sacrifice the right to express faith through prayer on the altar of political correctness.

Our state has so much momentum, and the leadership for Georgia has never been stronger. Yet, those opposed to our values are desperately fighting back. As we seek to seize upon opportunity and defeat the radical socialist threats, I’m excited to see Will Wade – a proven, experienced pro-family conservative – stepping into the arena.

I know times are crazy, and this election is different. However, I’m asking you to stand with us during this time and make sure your voice is heard for Will Wade on June 9th!

Supporting Will Wade,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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