Family Policy Alliance Endorses Rep. Bryan Zollinger

May 6


I’ve seen Rep. Bryan Zollinger take the heat. Last session he introduced legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers by making them ineligible to receive local taxpayer monies.

None of us could have imagined the resistance that quickly materialized to keep sending your money to abortion providers. But Rep. Zollinger never stood down.

Sadly, the legislation died in the State Senate. But through the process, I got a firsthand glimpse at the high quality of Rep. Zollinger’s character.

Rep. Bryan Zollinger has a sterling voting record when it comes to issues that Idaho families care about:

  • Voted for the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, the first-in-the-nation law that prevents biological boys from competing in girls’ sports
  • Voted for the Idaho Vital Statistics Act, which prevents willy nilly changes to the biological sex marker on birth certificates
  • Voted for Simon’s Law, which protects parental rights by requiring that doctors include parents in decisions to withdraw life-sustaining treatments from minor children
  • Voted for the “Choose Life” license plate that will be available at the Idaho DMV next year; the proceeds from these license plates will be given to pro-life pregnancy resource centers that offer medical, spiritual, and financial support to women facing unexpected pregnancies

I am excited to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Idaho® is endorsing Rep. Bryan Zollinger for Idaho State House District 33B. I know his character, and I’ve seen his adherence to the timeless first principles that have served as the philosophical foundation for our nation and state. Join us in supporting the reelection efforts of this great Idaho statesman.

Standing with Rep. Bryan Zollinger,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy



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