Family Policy Alliance Endorses Sen. Regina Bayer

May 6


By looking at the physical stature of Senator Regina Bayer, you might not realize the amount of grit and determination she shows every day standing up for families in the Idaho State Senate.

But this grandmotherly gentlewoman is indeed a heavyweight in the Senate, and she represents the values of her constituents well. She wears her strong Christian faith on her sleeve. Biblical principles guide the votes she takes, and no one who works with her doubts her sincerity.

One such example was the legislation she sponsored to create a new “Choose Life” license plate that will be available at the DMV next year. Not only will these license plates spread a positive, life-affirming message throughout the state, but proceeds from the sale of these plates will go to pro-life pregnancy resource centers that provide medical, financial, and spiritual care to women facing unwanted pregnancies. Without her pro-life leadership, Idaho would not be joining the ranks of 32 other states that offer “Choose Life” plates.

Senator Bayer demonstrated her commitment to conservative family values when she voted for the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act that keeps biological boys out of girls’ high school and college sports, as well as the Idaho Vital Statistics Act that prevents people from changing the sex marker on their birth certificates. And she stood confidently for parental rights when she voted for Simon’s Law, which makes sure parents are notified before a doctor withdraws life-sustaining treatment—including nutrition and hydration—from their minor children.

Senator Regina Bayer has courageously stood for policies that help families flourish. Her conservative principles and her resolve make her among the most effective voices for Idaho families in the Senate. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho® is excited to endorse her for reelection to Senate District 21.

Standing with Senator Regina Bayer,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy



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