BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Bruce Thompson for State Senate

May 7

A voting record can tell you a lot about a candidate, and Bruce Thompson’s voting record is impeccable.

But, it doesn’t tell the full story.

There’s no spreadsheet, rating, or score system that can capture the caliber of conservative fighter that District 14 has in its Senator. It’s easy to talk about conservative principles, and it’s a little harder to always cast the right votes. The real challenge comes in going toe to toe with the radical Left and with the political Establishment – those that don’t want to see conservative change – and that’s where Bruce Thompson really excels.

On casino gambling, Bruce Thompson has been the single greatest force in opposition – even as members of his own delegation made it their top priority.

On the Heartbeat Bill, Bruce Thompson helped keep the bill alive at one of its most trying moments, and he was instrumental in securing ultimate passage.

On religious freedom, Bruce Thompson has been a leader in the fight – even as the liberal media and radical Left attack people of faith relentlessly.

On the Tebow Bill, Bruce Thompson became the first legislator to pass this key legislation through the Senate even as the powerful education lobby worked tirelessly against him.

On school choice, Bruce Thompson never backs down in the fight to secure the most opportunity for Georgia students.

It’s tough to think of a bill or issue that truly matters where Bruce Thompson is not at the center of the fight. A true conservative, he is passionate about standing for what is right, cutting through the political noise, and achieving gains for our values and for those he represents.

Bruce doesn’t play games. He comes to work under the Gold Dome to get results.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve come to count on Bruce as a close friend and ally. He has a powerful testimony and an unshakeable faith in the Lord. It is this that drives him to apply the skills he’s utilized to become successful in business in order to strengthen our state.

With this election cycle, I see an opportunity to shift the Georgia General Assembly in a more conservative direction – one that can seize upon the opportunity provided to our state with the most conservative governor we’ve ever had. Success in this endeavor requires sending Bruce Thompson back to the State Senate, where he will be even more of a leader with stronger support from other like-minded legislators.

That’s where we need your help. Over the course of this election, we’re counting on you to stand with Bruce Thompson, as well as other conservative champions in your area, to help shake up the status quo to have a legislative body full of conservative fighters – real champions for our values.

Please join us in supporting this godly warrior.

Supporting Bruce Thompson,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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