BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Charlie Bethel for Supreme Court

May 12

How many times have we seen good policy overturned by an out-of-control judicial branch?

The Left’s abuse of the Court system has begun to define national politics, but we must also be vigilant at the state level. That’s why it’s so important that we send Charlie Bethel back to the Supreme Court.

Before beginning his distinguished tenure as a judge, Bethel was a member of the Georgia State Senate – where he garnered the reputation as a strong, thoughtful conservative. Even though he had left the Senate by the time we launched in the state, he frequently comes up in stories with effusive praise.

Universally, the conservative leaders we work with at the Capitol stand with Charlie Bethel, and his character and philosophy are exemplary. Yet, he’s earned support across the political spectrum for his commitment to liberty, balance and fairness, and unwillingness to use the law to pick winners and losers. His website summarizes his judicial thought process by saying:

“Throughout his years on the bench, Charlie has been faithful both to the law and his oath of office. He understands that judges must set aside their personal preferences in deciding each case before them and that they must follow the law, even when the outcome may be unpopular.”

That’s exactly what we need in a judge! Uphold their oath, follow the law, stick to the Constitution, and give no weight to the political winds of the day!

While Charlie Bethel’s conservative philosophy is acclaimed and his constitutional jurisprudence is laudable, his opponent makes us nervous.

On her website, Beth Beskin admits frustrations with finding a seat on the Court to run for and is running because of a “desire to serve on the Supreme Court” rather than any philosophical issues with the incumbent or need for a change. Moreover, in her time as a State Representative, she’s expressed pro-abortion positions, voted against school choice, and joined liberal Democrats in voting against religious freedom protections. In fact, she led the charge to “gut” the bill.

Quite simply, she’s the quintessential liberal Republican – working to undermine the values most central to the Party’s platform from within. And, we have no reason to believe that, if elected to the Supreme Court, she wouldn’t impose that same socially liberal ideology on our state from the bench.

Conversely, Charlie Bethel voted for the religious freedom bill – showing a fundamental difference in the two candidate’s appreciation for and willingness to protect the First Amendment rights of all Georgians.

With increasing attacks on our rights being levied against us through the judicial system, it’s more important than ever to elect strong, constitutional judges. And, in this case, we have a clear, public contrast as we make a choice.

Join us in supporting Charlie Bethel for Supreme Court.

Supporting Charlie Bethel,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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