COLORADO: Last Chance to Get “Due Date Too Late” on the Ballot

May 13

Earlier this year, we told you about the citizen initiative to place on the November ballot a measure to stop late-term abortions in Colorado. Thanks to the many of you who helped with that effort.

The initial submission of more than 137,000 signatures came up about 10,000 signatures short of the requirement after the removal of some signatures that didn’t qualify. However, Colorado has a “cure” period – 15 days in which organizers can gather the remaining needed signatures.

That period begins on Friday, May 15th, and your help is needed to get the last batch of signatures!

To help, go to There, you can request a petition to circulate. You can also submit a petition-signing location, and more.

If we all do just a little bit over the next couple of weeks, we can put this on the ballot and give Colorado voters a chance to pass this common-sense abortion restriction.

Thanks for taking action!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager