State Primary and Family Policy Alliance Endorsements

May 14


The coronavirus outbreak has affected so many aspects of our daily lives. One area that has been turned upside down is the state primary election.

As you may know, the Idaho primary election will be done entirely through vote-by-mail absentee ballots. You won’t receive a ballot automatically. To vote in the primary, you will have to request an absentee ballot at Make sure to request it now before the May 19th deadline. Don’t wait!

I often talk with people who are frustrated with the selection of candidates in the general election in November. They say, “There just aren’t any good candidates I can vote for.”

But here is the thing: primary elections offer you the opportunity to choose the candidates that will be on general election ballots in November.

We need to make sure we vote in primary elections if we want candidates who support life, family values, religious liberty, and parental rights on the general election ballot in November.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho makes it easy for you to learn which candidates support the values you care about. We have a list of endorsed candidates on our website. We pray you will find this list helpful as you cast your ballot.

Standing with the legislators who stand for your family,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy


P.S. We have only endorsed candidates who have a primary opponent. More endorsements will be coming during the general election.


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