We’re on TV!

May 14

If you’re regularly watching Fox News, you’ve probably seen our latest ad, “Shown the Money,” supporting Michael Caldwell over Brandon Beach in the State Senate race.

You can view our ad here.

As you can see, the contrast between the two candidates is stark. One on hand, you have Brandon Beach who has been in the mix just about every time Republicans abandon their principles at the Capitol.

On the other hand, you have conservative Michael Caldwell whose principles are never in doubt – a leading champion for our values, even when it’s politically inconvenient.

In the ad, we spotlight that Brandon Beach has raised $1 million from lobbyists in the last 8 years, as can be seen on his public disclosures HERE. Scrolling through these reports is like a “Who’s Who” of special interest PACs, associations, and lobbyists.

Moreover, there’s a disturbing amount of cash flowing in from out of state. Just his latest disclosures, which are probably his least distressing, show sizeable contributions from a 2 Virginia-based companies, a New Jersey firm, an Ohio PAC, a Washington, DC PAC, a Mississippi company, an Illinois lobbying firm, a Las Vegas casino, a Texas CEO, and a Florida lobbyist – all aiming to buy influence with the powerful Senator.

Why does this matter? Because a legislator with this kind of influence writing big checks cannot be counted on to fight for our values. And, we see this in Beach’s record.

In 2019, he signed on as a co-sponsor to SR 66, which was the single greatest threat to the life issue in the country – essentially ensuring a right to abortion in the Constitution. Moreover, the resolution erases gender, which could eliminate separate sports, bathrooms, and prisons for males and females. While others, include the sponsor, removed themselves from the bill when given this information, Beach made no such public move.

Throughout his career, Beach has also been a strong opponent of educational opportunity for Georgia’s students. In just the last two legislative sessions, he “walked” (left the Chamber and refused to vote, essentially a “no”) on SB 173 which, among other things, would have allowed military and bullied kids to attend the school of their choice. In 2020, he was the ONLY REPUBLICAN TO JOIN DEMOCRATS IN VOTING NO on SB 386 which would have provided more educational opportunities to children with disabilities and special needs.

In the ad, we also mention Beach’s long history as a tax-raiser. In supporting MARTA expansion, gas taxes, bed taxes, TSPLOST, and more, conservative estimates put his support for new taxes at more than $15 billion, hurting Georgia families.

Limited by 30 seconds, we did not have time to mention that Beach was a strong Casey Cagle supporter AGAINST Brian Kemp, a devoted Jeb! Bush supporter over Donald Trump, and the leading advocate for gambling in the entire state of Georgia.

We also didn’t have time to mention his FAKE claims of endorsement from conservative icons like Senator Bruce Thompson and Governor Brian Kemp, which he was asked to remove and refused. We also didn’t have time to address his lies against Michael Caldwell or his unethical use of a fake organization he set up with insider money – Be A Conservative Hero (Be.A.C.H) – as a way to trample on campaign finance laws.

We did, however, take time to let you know how highly we think of Michael Caldwell – one of the top conservatives in Georgia – who is with us on the key issues, refuses lobbyist and out-of-state money, and leads with integrity. Upon Caldwell’s election, he will dramatically shift the State Senate to the right!

Few, if any, campaigns across the state will be as impactful as this one, and we are already under attack for our involvement. A member of Beach’s team has already threatened to attempt to derail our organization for our involvement in this race!

Now, I do want to be clear. I HATE “going negative,” especially against someone with whom I have had a cordial personal relationship. As far as I can tell, Brandon Beach seems to be a decent guy with a loving family. While countless other conservatives under the Gold Dome have stories of Beach’s lies and deceit, he has not lied to me. My issue with him is that his policy solutions for the state are utterly wrong, and the influences upon him do not advocate for our interests.

I’m urging you to share the facts in this campaign, to encourage your friends and fellow church members to vote for Michael Caldwell. The eyes of the state are upon you, and I pray District 21 will say enough is enough.

For Michael Caldwell,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director