Thy will be done

May 16

In the Lord’s prayer, words like “comfort” or “ease” are absent. We ask for physical sustenance, to be made right with God, to be made right with others, for the Kingdom, and for His will to be done.

Seeing the Lord’s will requires faithfulness, and it comes with no guarantees. We know the truth, but we don’t know the future. We know what is required of us, but we are not promised an outcome.

As we make decisions this election cycle – regarding who to endorse, where to invest, and what stands to make – I’m reminded of this truth often.

Many of the races we’ve chosen aren’t easy, and we’re ruffling some feathers. In one case, we’ve had a campaign staff member of a powerful incumbent declare that this member would use his power against us. Others have made similar threats. And, as I look at our roster of endorsed candidates, most, if not all, could best be classified as “underdogs” – with less money and institutional support than their opponents.

But, they’re the right candidates. They stand for the right things, and they’re gamechangers in our state. Regardless of the cost, we’ll stand with them. We won’t stick our fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. We won’t live by the polls. We’ll be faithful, do what’s right, and pray that His will be done.

That’s my promise to you as I lead this organization. I can promise we’ll be strategic. I can promise that we’ll put forward the best messages and have the best game plans. But, I cannot promise we’ll win all the time or even most of the time.

Most importantly, however, I promise that our decisions will be based on His word, His truth, and a desire to do His will.

My prayer:

“Lord, I do not know how this election will go. But, I pray for discernment for myself and for all your people around the state. I pray for victory, yes. I pray for a mighty victory across the board for those who seek your glory, who love you supremely, and will do what is right and just in your eyes. I pray that the culture of our state will be transformed into one where your name is honored, where religious freedom flourishes, where families thrive, and where life is cherished. But, most importantly, I pray for us, as Christians, that we will be faithful. That we will be salt and light in how we engage this election cycle. And, I pray that Thy will be done.”

Please be lifting our candidates, our state, and this election cycle up in your prayers.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director