BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Larry Walker for State Senate

May 18

I keep a running list, whenever we’re dealing with a key vote, of senators I’m worried about. Senator Larry Walker has never been on the list – we always have confidence that he’s going to vote the right way.

Senator Walker is committed to his community. He’s an active member of his church, he serves on numerous boards, and his signature legislation is aimed at reducing the financial burdens and improving the lives of those he’s elected to serve.

On the fundamental values issues, Larry Walker is unshakeable. He was a strong, unwavering vote for the Heartbeat Bill, supports religious freedom, and is a trusted ally in the fight to secure educational opportunities for all children. As we look to strengthen the State Senate, we’re looking for more leaders who will be like Larry Walker, stand with the Lt. Governor, and rally others behind a strong, pro-family agenda.

That’s why we’re humbled to endorse this conservative’s bid for re-election.

As you know Larry Walker holds a leadership position within the Caucus as a key advocate within the Senate to encourage members to support legislation that lines up with their stated positions. That’s not always an easy job. Some members want to campaign like conservatives but then vote like moderates. We’re grateful Senator Walker does a great job at encouraging others to keep their campaign promises, like he does.

As leftists attack our state, we cannot afford to lose any ground. Join us in supporting Larry Walker’s re-election on June 9th and then onto November!

Supporting Larry Walker,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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