Family Policy Alliance Endorses Dr. Jud Miller

May 19


I’m excited to tell you that Family Policy Alliance of Idaho® is endorsing Dr. Jud Miller for State Senate District 35. I first got to know Dr. Miller through his advocacy at the statehouse on various policy issues relating to his medical expertise. Through those interactions, I have seen firsthand Dr. Miller’s deep understanding of policy issues, American history, and constitutional and conservative thought. I know that Dr. Miller will do an excellent job representing the family values of his district.

The years he spent treating patients as a medical doctor has given him profound respect for human dignity. This was obvious when Dr. Miller provided testimony for Simon’s Law, which protects parental rights in medical decision-making. Dr. Miller spoke against the “death with dignity” movement that is spreading through the medical field today and threatening the culture of life in America. He affirmed that parents, not the state, are the ultimate authority in the lives of children.

Dr. Miller also supported the Idaho Vital Statistics Act, which ensures accurate government records by preventing individuals from changing the sex marker on their birth certificates. This important law helps protect the safety and privacy of women and children by providing accurate government records to law enforcement, criminal justice, and public health officials so they can do their jobs well.

Thanks, Dr. Jud Miller, for your years of advocacy for conservative family values. We know you’ll do a great job in the State Senate!

Standing with Dr. Jud Miller,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy


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