Family Policy Alliance Endorses Ron Nate

May 19


Ron Nate has established himself as a steadfast ally to Idaho families. For this reason, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho® is excited to endorse him for House District 34B.

Currently a free market economics professor at BYU-Idaho, Ron Nate served as a state representative from 2014-2018, where he developed a proven track record of supporting strong family values at the statehouse. This is especially true of right to life issues. He sponsored the Ultrasound Information Act, which stipulated that an abortion cannot be performed without notifying a pregnant mother about available ultrasound imaging. And he also sponsored a legislative bill that would have banned dismemberment abortions, the most gruesome and horrific abortion procedure still allowed in Idaho.

Ron is a reliable fiscal and social conservative who has shown he has the backbone to go to bat for Idaho families. We know that if he is elected, he will continue his adherence to policies that help families flourish.

Standing with Ron Nate,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy


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