To Meet or Not to Meet

May 19

Greetings Kansas Pastors,

Kansas is now going through tough decisions of how and when to open back up. There are so many conflicting views on balancing between protecting our citizens from the physical harm of the virus, and the economic harm to our state of staying at home.

Obviously, this affects our churches directly. I am aware that some churches are being hit hard financially while others are experiencing abundance during this crisis. Some churches may permanently close while others may have to expand.

I offer the following as considerations as you decide “to meet or not to meet:”

  1. Start with prayer. We are the church of Jesus Christ. We should submit all our decisions to Him.
  2. Abide by government guidelines. This could be tough for some. Still we are citizens of the state of Kansas and there are very few issues that demand any type of civil disobedience. Seek to support the governing authorities who are also making tough decisions. We have elected them to office and should seek to support them.
  3. Involve your team in the decision. Your church may have staff, board members, or influential members who could be part of the decision-making process for your unique situation. Seek consensus. Be willing to compromise.
  4. We will have a new normal. Realize that we may never return to the way it was. Still, the church can and will thrive in our new circumstance. Embrace the new realities as they unfold which will demand resources and time.
  5. Trust that God is sovereign. God is not surprised by any of this and will use this to further His kingdom. We are on His adventure. Let us be excited about what He will do.
  6. Move forward in faith. Once the plan has been made, be bold and execute it! As you do, be willing to adjust. We are all still learning.

There is much more “advice” out there. If you need another ear, I am willing to listen and give feedback. Just let me know. Give me a call at (913) 981-3253.


Pastor David Beauchamp
Director of Church Engagement
Family Policy Foundation of Kansas