GSE Curriculum Revealed: Gender Norms Are Oppressive

May 21

The LGBT curriculum mandate is still on schedule to be implemented in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. I want to share with you this dangerous agenda each week by exposing the lesson plans of Garden State Equality. They are using the power of government coercion to force radical sexual and political beliefs onto students.

My forthcoming weekly emails will include images of actual lessons Garden State Equality has developed and are offering to schools. This information will help to explain why these lessons have no place in our public-school classrooms.

Please download and share the weekly resource that is linked to the email to parents, educators, legislators, and others.

We believe public schools should be neutral in their presentation of religious beliefs, worldview, and political ideology.

This week’s GSE lesson reveal is on “Transgenderism and Gender Identity

GSE Curriculum Revealed: Transgenderism

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THE LESSON: Understanding Patriarchy and its Role in Colonial American Social, Political, And Economic Institutions – Grade Level: 8

This lesson teaches sex-based distinctions are oppressive

1) GSE teaches the belief “Power, opportunity, access, and representation” is “shared equally” in our society is a myth. Teaches “intersectionality” which is a modern political idea requiring students to “revise” their thinking that all men are created equal. Intersectionality is a political theory that places value on being oppressed –the greater number of offenses your group has “suffered”, the more virtuous you are. This also means less oppressed groups have less moral authority.

2) The stated purpose of the lesson is to deconstruct the patriarchy, according to GSE, that is “a social structural phenomenon in which males have the privilege of dominance over females.” They accuse straight males of dominating and oppressing females and males that want to be female.


THE PROBLEM: Working to Dismantle Social Norms of Male and Female

First Problem: GSE’s lesson states, “long-standing social structures”, like “the patriarchy” or the reality of “male” and “female” are oppressive and must be dismantled. These lessons encourage students to discuss how these structures “prevented the growth of personal freedom” and “human dignity”. In addition to teaching radical ideology as truth, this particular ideology can be traced to Karl Marx –the father of communism. Marx taught structures that drive society are built like a pyramid. According to GSE, straight men are at the top of the pyramid “hoarding power”.

Second Problem: Post-modernist emphasis on group identity minimizes the experience and the uniqueness of each individual. Identity politics produces division because it teaches our students their classmates (and all of society) is divided into oppressors v. oppressed; powerful v. weak; privileged v. victims. GSE’s lessons are not about finding solutions to genuine wrongs. Their lessons are a tool for cultural Marxism and encourage self-identified oppressed groups to rise-up to the top of the so-called pyramid, while oppressing others with their new powerful and moral voice.


THE HARM: Indoctrinates our children

As Christians, we believe men and women are created equal with unique differences. God’s purpose in our sexuality is for a male and female to be partners together in marriage to build a strong family which helps society flourish. In addition, fathers in a family have a biblical responsibility to lead well. This belief, rooted in creation and the Fatherhood of God, is now presented to our children as bigoted and oppressive.

Worldview: This GSE lesson instructs students to adopt a postmodern worldview that believes the hierarchy or the power to rule is more important than anything. Facts, truth, or reality should not stand in the way.


THE SOLUTION: Parental Rights in education

Sign our petition to support the right of parents to opt their child out of lessons and materials that violate their religious or moral beliefs regarding sex, sexuality or gender identity. Volunteer to contact NJ Legislators to pass legislation to protect families from this dangerous agenda.

Download a printable version of this information

I want to encourage you to join one of our legislative district mobilization teams to contact elected officials about this curriculum. Please email me your interest at Finally, I urge you to share this email or the downloadable lesson file with your network of friends and pastors.

Together, we can make NJ better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy



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