GSE Curriculum Revealed: The Spanish Language Is Discriminatory

May 28

The LGBT curriculum mandate is still on schedule to be implemented in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. I want to share with you this dangerous agenda each week by exposing the lesson plans of Garden State Equality. They are using the power of government coercion to force radical sexual and political beliefs onto students.

My forthcoming weekly emails will include images of actual lessons Garden State Equality has developed and are offering to schools. This information will help to explain why these lessons have no place in our public-school classrooms.

Please download and share the weekly resource with parents, educators, legislators, and others.

We believe public schools should be neutral in their presentation of religious beliefs, worldview, and political ideology.

This week’s GSE lesson reveal is on “The Spanish Language is Discriminatory

GSE Curriculum Revealed: The Spanish Language Is Discriminatory

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THE LESSON: “Lesson 1 Spanish Level one (Novice)- Inclusive Language” Proposed for 8th grade and up

This lesson uses Spanish language classes to teach Spanish is a discriminatory language.

This lesson declares, “Spanish is a language that functions in a binary way,” and is unlike English which has “adopted gender neutral terms.” It’s true all nouns in Spanish are classified as “male” or “female” nouns. Other languages like German and French also have “lexical genders”. The GSE curriculum is teaching our children that the Spanish language itself is inherently discriminatory and non-inclusive because it only recognizes two “genders”!


THE PROBLEM: Working to Dismantle World Languages

First Problem:The “lexical gender” in languages do not reflect how sex and gender work in the real-world. .

Second Problem: This lesson doesn’t attempt at all to include the contributions of Spanish-speaking LGBT identifying persons, which is all the new law requires. GSE has already admitted they want to teach students to become activists to “dismantle” all things that “oppose” their worldview.  It is clear this is the goal with the proposed Spanish lesson. Garden State Equality uses this lesson to teach the Spanish language itself is oppressive to LGBT people. It forces our students to take up the gauntlet for GSE’s absurd cause by teaching them to subtly change the Spanish language. Here is a link to a video GSE shares as a resource for teachers explaining “why” Spanish must change to become more “inclusive.”


THE HARM: Indoctrinates our children

This so-called Spanish lesson indoctrinates our children into believing the English language is neutral and inclusive, unlike Spanish (as long as the English language is not enforcing gender “stereotypes” like using gender-based pronouns such as “he” and “she”). This lesson explicitly teaches our students “right” language is language that conforms to their ideology. This ideology includes ideas that one can change their sex (from male to female or vice versa) and that all sexual orientations are acceptable and healthy. Binary-gender-based languages, like Spanish, according to GSE are morally inferior and must be changed to affirm and encourage the truth of their radical ideas.

Worldview: This instructs students to adopt a post-modern worldview by deconstructing words and their meanings to invent new words and relative definitions in order to construct a different reality.


THE SOLUTION: Parental Rights in education

Sign our petition to support the right of parents to opt their child out of lessons and materials that violate their religious or moral beliefs regarding sex, sexuality or gender identity. Volunteer to contact NJ Legislators to pass legislation to protect families from this dangerous agenda.

Download a printable version of this information

I want to encourage you to join one of our legislative district mobilization teams to contact elected officials about this curriculum. Please email me your interest at Finally, I urge you to share this email or the downloadable lesson file with your network of friends and pastors.

Together, we can make NJ better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy



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