BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Kevin Cooke for Congress

May 29

Over the course of this primary season, I’ve tried to stay out of the congressional races – preferring to wait until the runoff. But, I feel compelled to speak up in support of my good friend, Kevin Cooke, for Congress.

In District 14, you have an opportunity to have one of Georgia’s most fearless and consistent conservatives as your congressman. The trustworthiness and conservative credentials of Kevin Cooke are in truly rarefied air, in the mold of proven Georgia stalwarts like Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, and Jody Hice.

We cannot stay silent when there’s someone this strong running, and that’s why we’re proud to endorse Kevin Cooke for Congress.

I first met Kevin a few weeks after launching our organization in 2017. His intellect, grasp of the issues, and candor instantly jumped out. On merit alone, Kevin would have risen to the highest ranks of the Georgia General Assembly very quickly.

But, like conservative outsiders such as Jim Jordan and Jody Hice – men of valor that I hope will soon be Kevin’s colleagues in Congress – Kevin has taken the much more difficult road. He’s sacrificed political expediency and personal gain for the sake of doing the right thing, repeatedly. He’s spoken when others were silent. He’s stood when others sat. And, he’s voted his conscience when the Establishment told him to instead cede rights and dollars of the governed to power of a growing government.

While others can talk about being a conservative, Kevin has proven his fortitude, and he’s never wavered.

In 2017, Kevin Cooke was one of the first people to urge me to join Team Kemp – seeing in our Governor the boldness and principles our state desperately needed. He went against the pressures of the Establishment even then and helped pave the way for the nation-leading resurgence our state has experienced under the most conservative governor in the country.

As your congressman, he’ll bring the same vision, understanding, and commitment to a better, more conservative tomorrow. He won’t alienate others for the sake of alienating. He won’t be about bluster and show. He will, however, bring leadership that will encourage others to stand against the tide and stand for the people once again.

I think the world of Kevin Cooke. I count him as a good friend and a trusted ally. Kevin was instrumental in the passage of the Heartbeat Bill, and he’s been at the forefront of every major conservative battle here in Georgia, including the battle for your religious freedom. He’s a conservative warrior with class and someone who lives out his robust faith in all that he does.

Now, this is a jumbled field with many candidates – many of whom I like and believe would do well. There’s a lot of money flowing and a lot of confusion. And, this is one of the reasons I write to you: while Kevin Cooke has built a conservative base that has him among the top contenders, but he doesn’t have the money of some of the other candidates. Because of this, I fear many voters haven’t heard enough about Kevin, especially in the midst of the COVID crisis, to give him their vote. Please don’t let that be you!

If you haven’t heard much from Kevin or are convinced another candidate is more conservative, take a closer look at my good friend. He’s the real deal – a man of God, a genuine servant-leader, a family man who loves and cherishes his wife and kids, a proven conservative, and a humble champion for you and your family.

In my time here in Georgia, I’ve never had to wonder where Kevin stood on an issue. He has the right worldview and the courage to act on it. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that you and your family would instantly be blessed with one of the nation’s best congressmen if you elect this godly warrior. That’s why we’re endorsing him, and it’s why Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and Congressman Jody Hice, two similarly godly men, have already announced their support for Kevin.

Please do you, your family, and District 14 a favor by joining us in supporting Kevin Cooke on or before June 9th.

Supporting Kevin Cooke,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director