BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Tripp Strickland for State House

June 2

In 2018, conservatives rallied behind Brian Kemp for Governor because they saw a leader who understood what made Georgia great, put people first, had business acumen, understood the value of hard work, and embodied our values. Our state has been greatly blessed by his leadership ever since.

As an organization that supported Brian Kemp early, we see a lot of those qualities in Tripp Strickland.

Tripp’s not a political insider, not an attorney, and certainly not politically correct. He’s a common-sense family man, strong Christian, and Kemp conservative. Like our governor, he’s guided by life experience, ingrained Georgia values, sincere desire to serve, and a deep faith. He’s about doing the right thing – regardless of the political consequences.

In the fight for life, religious freedom, parental rights, opportunity in education, and a Georgia where God is honored, Tripp Strickland is the ally we need in the State House.

As Georgians prepare to vote, it’s important that conservatives realize the pressure their representatives will face – from special interests, the liberal media, radicals that want to take over our state, and entrenched insiders. That’s why it’s imperative that we elect men and women of fortitude, leaders like Tripp Strickland who are willing to go against the grain and fight for us.

On or before June 9th, we’re counting on you to vote for Tripp Strickland to champion our values under the Gold Dome!

Supporting Tripp Strickland,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



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