GSE Curriculum Revealed: Access Points to Third Graders

June 4

The LGBT curriculum mandate is still on schedule to be implemented in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. I want to share with you this dangerous agenda each week by exposing the lesson plans of Garden State Equality. They are using the power of government coercion to force radical sexual and political beliefs onto students.

My forthcoming weekly emails will include images of actual lessons Garden State Equality has developed and are offering to schools. This information will help to explain why these lessons have no place in our public-school classrooms.

Please download and share the weekly resource with parents, educators, legislators, and others.

We believe public schools should be neutral in their presentation of religious beliefs, worldview, and political ideology.

This week’s GSE lesson reveal is on “Access Points to Third Graders”

GSE Curriculum Revealed: Access Points to Third Graders

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THE LESSON: Lesson Matrix for Further Development of Final Curriculum

GSE specifically targets 8-year-old children with LGBT themed mornings, 9-year-old children with political sexual beliefs and 11-year-old children with transgender literature reading assignments

1) GSE lesson matrix has listed activities in 3rd and 4th grade. This includes “Inclusive Morning Meetings: strategies for Greeting, Sharing, and Group Activities.4th grade Physical Education lessons include “Dancing to be Free:  (LGTB) Black Dancers of the 20th century.” 6th grade Literature assignments include reading the biographical information on “Babs Siperstein” – the first transgender political activist in NJ .

2) GSE curriculum writers specifically emphasize in their comments the lessons must be structured to be “intersectional.” Intersectionality is a political theory that places value on being oppressed. This is the basis of identity politics. This lesson leverages historic injustices towards African Americans as a cover to claim victimhood and oppression by those who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender or other.

3) The state mandated LGBT curriculum law requires the teaching of “contributions” of LGBT identifying individuals in middle school and above. Third and Fourth grade are considered elementary level grades.


THE PROBLEM: Sexual Propaganda Pushed in Elementary School

First Problem: GSE has plans to “meet and greet” students with transgender activists or other LGBT speakers in classroom group meetings to push their agenda to younger more vulnerable ages. GSE lesson developers (above in red circle) specifically state “I don’t teach elementary school and I have never run a morning meeting,­­ but I think these strategies [the morning meet and greet will provide more] access points”. Our young children are nothing more than access points for Garden State Equality to promote their ethical and sexual belief systems.

Second Problem: Studies show that 80-95% of children suffering from confusion about their gender identity, that do not receive medical intervention outgrow these feelings by the time they reach adulthood. Yet, 100% of children who receive medical intervention will have gender identity disorders persist into adulthood. Tragically, after sex reassignment surgery, people are 20x’s more likely to die from suicide. GSE’s curriculum teaches students it is good and healthy to ask themselves if their “gender identity” matches their “biological sex” in spite of all medical evidence to the contrary.


THE HARM: Indoctrinates our children

These non-educational meet and greets indoctrinate our children forcing them to “rethink” their understanding of the biological differences of male and female. GSE’s curriculum teaches the very real concepts of male and female are simply arbitrary and have no basis in anatomy or genetics—the exact opposite of what is true! In their eyes, the historic, global and scientific view of human sexuality is ignorant and bigoted—and this is taught to our children.

Worldview: GSE’S curriculum instructs students to adopt a postmodern worldview of human sexuality and gender identity. Postmodernists question the fundamental meaning of words like “boy” and “girl”.


THE SOLUTION: Parental Rights in education

Sign our petition to support the right of parents to opt their child out of lessons and materials that violate their religious or moral beliefs regarding sex, sexuality or gender identity. Volunteer to contact NJ Legislators to pass legislation to protect families from this dangerous agenda.

Download a printable version of this information

I want to encourage you to join one of our legislative district mobilization teams to contact elected officials about this curriculum. Please email me your interest at Finally, I urge you to share this email or the downloadable lesson file with your network of friends and pastors.

Together, we can make NJ better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy



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