All hands on deck!

June 4

The time is here – the time for Georgians to rally behind conservative, pro-family candidates all around the state – to build on the momentum our movement has seen since we helped Brian Kemp deliver a major blow to the political Establishment just 2 years ago.

Here are 3 things you can do to ensure more legislation for religious freedom, life, parental rights, educational opportunity, and more:

  1. VOTE and get others to the polls as well – Georgians have been voting in person or by absentee for weeks. Make sure you vote by June 9th! And, regardless of whether you’ve already voted or not, we’re asking you to encourage your family, friends, and fellow congregants to vote as well for pro-family candidates.
  2. Pray for our endorsed candidates and for victory for our movement – To get the latest list of our endorsed candidates, visit our website. This is an outstanding list of fighters. Most are underdogs, and almost all are being outspent. I encourage you to pray for them by name and to pray for their victories.
  3. Consider helping us replenish our elections fund for the runoff and general elections – We’ve left it all on the field – running aggressive direct mail, TV, and social media campaigns for our supported candidates. However, we’ll have a whole new set of races to compete in for the August runoff. And, we must gear up for Georgia’s most contentious general election ever. To help us replenish our elections fund, please donate today.

I’m so amazed by what God is doing in our state – the doors He’s opened up, the people He’s called to run, and the way He’s used our ministry. I wish I could give you a clear prediction for what’s in store, but I know that we’ve been faithful to what He’s called us to be.

Here in the closing days, we’re running final voter engagement efforts in the hopes of building a more conservative Georgia General Assembly. Let’s vote, work, and pray!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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