we won the first quarter

June 11

We won a lot, and it feels good. We lost some, and those will sting for a while.

As I write this, votes are still being counted. That could go on for a bit. I’m confident that we’ve won the first quarter of the game – the primary election. We’re now onto the second quarter – the runoff election.

Here’s what we know: We’ve, once again, proven to be the preeminent force for shifting our state in a more conservative, God-honoring direction. We’re taking on the tough races, going against the special interests and the powerful, and we’re winning.

Here’s what we think: If things hold – and, given current margins, we fully expect they will – we have won 12 of the 15 competitive primaries we were involved in, including some key victories and major upsets. Our friend Erick Erickson even gave us a shoutout on the radio for our efforts this cycle!

Here’s what we need: We spent serious money on TV ads, direct mail, social media engagement, live calling, text messages, and more – reaching conservative primary voters in a BIG way. We left it all on the field. But now we have as many as 13 runoff campaigns we could engage in, and we need to replenish our warchest. Your generous donation today will be used 100% to reach voters in this runoff election.

The outcomes of these runoffs could be decisive in the next conservative legislative battles – remember the Heartbeat Bill passed by only one vote! If we nominate weak-willed moderates, we cannot tackle the next series of big issues. Can we count on you?

With a lower turnout model in the runoff expected, we may be able to reach a district for $2,000 per mail piece. Can this email pay for a mail piece? Can it pay for two?

You have been so generous with your support. If you feel led to help secure a more conservative team of legislators under the Gold Dome, I humbly ask for your support. This link sends you directly to our elections fund so that we can advance our values ahead of the August 11 runoff.

I’ll be updating you about the election results soon – probably in the next 24 hours. I expect those results to continue to show we won the first quarter. But, in the meantime, please prayerfully consider whether you can help us win the second quarter – winning for our values in the runoff elections.

On to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director