You- American Kings and Queens

June 12

Election Season is upon us. The last day for filing as a primary candidate in Wyoming was at the end of May. This year, 35 candidates have filed to run for the 15 open seats in the Wyoming Senate and 123 candidates have filed in the contest for all 60 of the open seats in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Determining who will represent us in the governing of our lives is one of the greatest privileges in the history of civilization. Throughout history, the norm has been “might makes right.” A king with all the power demands from his subjects complete obedience and servitude.

In Contrast, the American Constitution declared that power originates with “We the People.” These three remarkable words placed in the position of “King” every eligible voter of the land.

Consider the importance of your position as one of “The People.” In the Old Testament, you and I can read how the ancient kings of Israel did in the eyes of the Lord. Throughout the books of the Kings and the Chronicles, we often read the words, “And he did what right in the sight of the Lord.”  But more often the words, “and he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.” Sometimes, such as with King Joash of Judah, a partial endorsement comes out in the words, “He did what was right, yet not like his father David.” All of this means that God kept a careful accounting of how each king performed his duties during his time in authority.

The phrase “We the People” places every voter in the position of a “partial-king.” We jointly hold responsibility for how we respond to the decisions placed in front of us each election season. Just as history rightly holds the kings of the past accountable for how their nations fared during their reigns, future generations will look back at our decisions today.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming® is working to help you find the right candidates to support. Our Candidate Questionnaire is landing in the inboxes of our Legislative candidates and we look forward to reporting to you those candidates who will support a state where children are cherished, religious freedom flourishes, and families thrive.

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Nathan Winters
Executive Director