Save Girls’ Sports Week is NEXT WEEK!

June 19

Dear Friends,

We need your help NOW. Save Girls’ Sports Week is happening all next week, and we need everyone to participate. Please consider forwarding this email to anyone who may be interested.

Female sports should be for female athletes. It’s common sense, and it’s only fair.

Despite this simple fact, only one state in the nation proactively protects female athletes by ensuring girls’ sports are reserved for girls. That state is Idaho, and it’s through your help that we were able to get that law passed this year.

Today, Idaho’s law is under attack from the ACLU. They think the law shouldn’t exist in Idaho – that men should be allowed to steal opportunities reserved for women – and they don’t want this commonsense law in any other state.

We disagree.

When males are allowed to play in female-only sports divisions, they can and have taken away championships, scholarships, and other elite opportunities meant for girls. It should come as no surprise: men have certain athletic advantages over women, and that’s okay. But they shouldn’t compete in girls’ sports.

We know you’re with us on this, and so are a majority of Americans. But in light of the lawsuit in Idaho, the Supreme Court’s recent decision to redefine “sex” in a major federal law, and the Left’s constant rhetoric on this issue, it’s time for us to speak up.

During Save Girls’ Sports Week, we’re asking you to post on social media using #SaveGirlsSports. We’ll send you a petition you can sign for state lawmakers. And we’ll give you other information and ways you can make a difference. It’s all on our Save Girls’ Sports website, and we’ll send you reminders throughout next week.

But TODAY, we’re just going to ask you to do one thing. Please forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in participating. It may be a female athlete or their friends or family. It may be another concerned citizen, or even an organization or local group you’re part of. Please spread the word and get ready to help us #SaveGirlsSports next week.

Idaho may be the first state to Save Girls’ Sports, but with your help, it won’t be the last.


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist