ALERT: Cancel Culture Goes After Our US Senator

July 1

In the latest sign our culture has gone completely off the rails, a liberal writer for Yahoo Sports has taken aim at Senator Kelly Loeffler, in part, because of a video she posted in support of our efforts to #SaveGirlsSports. The video, in support of fair competition for females, was posted to Twitter.

Instead of applauding Kelly for protecting women’s sports from being taken over by biological males, this writer compared our Senator to racist former NBA owner Donald Sterling. According to her argument, Kelly should no longer be allowed to own a WNBA team because:

  • She opposes efforts to defund the police.
  • She believes women’s sports should be played by women (and voiced support for our organization’s efforts)
  • She opposes the Supreme Court’s radical leftist decision this week to overturn a Louisiana law requiring doctors to have hospital privileges in order to perform abortions

This is nuts! According to “cancel culture,” supporting the safety of women in their homes, supporting women’s sports as played by women, and opposing a radical decision that would make women less safe in abortion clinics as doctors kill innocent unborn girls is so wildly “anti-woman” that Kelly Loeffler must be removed from the WNBA.

Stop the insanity!

Kelly Loeffler, time and again, has proven a willingness to take a stand, and, in her short time in office, she’s already become a frequent target for the radical left. Yet, she doesn’t waver. The fake news media, liberal elites, and operatives working to ensure the defeat of the conservative agenda in 2020 can’t stand that we have a successful pro-life, pro-biology, conservative woman representing us in this key battleground state.

The liberals have attacked her as a person, her livelihood, her integrity, her beliefs, and now her right to own a minor sports team – something that is not a profit-making venture.

Stand up to cancel culture and tell Senator Kelly Loeffler that we stand with her in this fight!

Since her appointment, Kelly Loeffler has been at the center of every conservative push to take our country back from the radicals that control the media and run the liberal agenda. There isn’t a bold, conservative idea in Washington, DC that she has not had a role in since joining the Senate just six months ago. Because the Left can’t stand her, they want to cancel her.

Don’t let this happen! Send Kelly Loeffler a message today letting her know you support her efforts to keep Georgia prosperous and safe, defend biology, and protect life! It only takes a moment in our Action Center.

Unlike the far left, our Senator is actually standing up for women – in the womb, on the field of play, in the work environment, and in the home. While leftists want to erase womanhood, Kelly Loeffler is a shining example of a successful woman, fighting for other woman, and unashamed to stand for her principles. We remain proud to have supported her from the beginning, and we look forward to her continued legislative victories, electoral wins, and her defeating the “cancel culture” aiming for her demise.

To victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director