The Abortion Lobby Is Worried About YOU

July 2

And here’s why…

When the Supreme Court sided with the abortion lobby this month, we were all disappointed.

But the work of changing laws, hearts and minds on the abortion issue was never being done by the Supreme Court anyway—they’ve only messed everything up (think Roe v. Wade).

It’s really been we the people, by God’s grace, who have been hard at work to stop the relentless push by the abortion lobby to destroy the lives of women and their babies.

And the abortion lobby knows it.

Instead of savoring the spoils of their Court victory, they chose to pen an article in the Washington Post—to talk about how worried they are about you.

They believe you are “playing whack-a-mole” to pound out their abortion efforts in the states. And they’re right! You—and hundreds of thousands of others like you—are electing pro-life lawmakers, taking action, and funding efforts to stop the abortion lobby across the country. And it’s working!

In the article, they fretted that: “Relentless state-by-state attacks on abortion are only ratcheting up.” And they worried about these numbers:

450 state laws were passed to restrict abortion over the past decade

90% of U.S. counties have no abortion facility

9 states banned abortions at 6 weeks, the point when a baby’s heartbeat can be detected

6 states are down to the last abortion facility

The abortion lobby hates these numbers, but we are rejoicing and praising the Lord for His graciousness!

These numbers (the many times you—and the entire pro-life movement—have “whacked the abortion moles”) are made possible:

  • Every time you vote for the pro-life candidate.
  • Every time you take action to ask a lawmaker to pass a pro-life law.
  • Every time you give sacrificially to save lives.
  • Every time you pray for life to be cherished in our hearts and laws.

So in response to the abortion lobby, Family Policy Alliance says keep whacking those moles!

And believe me, there are a lot of moles to whack.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the abortion lobby has been attempting to skirt regulations for the chemical abortion pill and push for more “virtual abortions.” They convinced Nancy Pelosi to attempt to force taxpayer funding of abortion in the COVID stimulus packages. They continue to push for ever more radical abortion laws in the states—including removing protections for babies that have already been born. And, of course, they are investing millions of dollars to elect their chosen presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and a bevy of other candidates who will be beholden to their all-abortion, all-the-time agenda.

Between the 2020 election and when most state lawmakers get back to work in January, we have a lot of abortion moles to whack.  The abortion lobby knows that you are its greatest enemy.

Will you give $20, $50, $100 or even more to whack down the abortion moles? The abortion lobby is raking in millions in their desperation. The pro-life movement has to be ready to respond—not of out desperation, but out of our abundant trust in God’s provision to fund His good work.

I’m proud to be the abortion lobby’s greatest enemy! Are you?

For life,

Autumn Leva
Vice President, Strategy