Future of Heartbeat Could be Decided by YOU

July 13

An Obama appointed federal judge just ruled that Georgia does not have the right to protect its citizens. Unborn children with beating hearts can still be slaughtered in our state… for now.

We cannot allow a Court to take away our right to protect life. YOU can fight back.

In 2018, YOU decided to take a stand for a Heartbeat Bill by electing pro-life leaders like Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, and Ed Setzler.

Now, YOU can decide to affirm the Heartbeat Bill – doubling down both on more pro-life legislation AND a more pro-science federal bench – with your vote in November.

YOU will decide who represents every single seat in the Georgia legislature this November.

YOU will decide whether Georgia has not one but TWO United States Senators who will only confirm constitutional judges.

YOU will decide whether Georgia casts its critical electoral votes for President Trump.

And, YOU can decide whether to help us fight in this effort with a generous donation today.

And, here’s the truth, we need to support because not everyone is as motivated, as committed, or as already decided as you are ahead of November. Frankly, YOU and your support are needed not just to make your voice heard but to help others find theirs.

This Obama appointee showed a wanton and reckless degree of judicial activism by throwing out every aspect of this law – even provisions that ensure pregnant mothers can receive child support and parents can receive a tax deduction for their unborn child.

But, there’s good news: 1) YOU elected a governor who has already re-affirmed his pledge to appeal – meaning this case is FAR from decided AND 2) YOU have a vote in November, a vote that could ultimately decide who sits on the Supreme Court to hear this law when it reaches our nation’s highest court.

I know you believe in this effort. Please partner with us. YOU have the power here. Your support to help us elect pro-life candidates is the next step in the fight to protect innocent human life.

Onward in the fight,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia