When Your Vote to Advance Family Values May Not Count

July 16

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “every vote counts”. The obvious thought behind this is that without individual votes mounting up in a particular direction, the will of the people will not be accurately represented. This applies to election of candidates in primaries and general elections, state-wide ballot initiatives, local district measures, etc. However, I’m here to tell you that sometimes your vote to advance family values may not count.

Let’s talk about electing candidates for office. When you have deeply held pro-life and pro-family values, you seek to elect candidates that hold similar beliefs. However, all is not always what it seems.

In any election, candidates typically run under a particular party’s banner and you assume that they adhere to that party’s platform. Thus, you believe you are in effect voting for the party’s platform. However, there is sometimes a disconnect between a candidate carrying the party banner, versus how closely they adhere to the platform.

I’m happy to say that most legislators in North Dakota do represent their party’s platform, but not all do. If you don’t know this and vote for them, this is sometimes when your votes may not count to advance family values.

So, how can you know this? That’s where Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® comes in. We can offer help on a number of fronts. First, we are always available by email or phone to give you our thoughts on candidates. We get to know them during legislative sessions and can often tell you which ones support your values. Recognize that we will have the most information on state-wide and legislative district candidates, as opposed to more local races.

Second, we endorse key candidates. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota does significant vetting and background research on a candidate’s pro-life and pro-family values when we endorse them. We only endorse candidates that we are confident represent your values on these issues.

Finally, we provide voting records for incumbents. Voting records are the fastest ways to observe whether an elected official “puts their money where their mouth is”. We produce a scorecard for every legislator in the state, based on key pro-life and pro-family votes from the most recent legislative session. We will be producing a scorecard later this summer from the 2019 legislative session, so that you can use it in the upcoming election. Even if you are not electing state legislators in your district in November, take a look at the scorecard and see if your senator and representatives are truly representing your values in Bismarck.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is here to fill the gap. While voting for every candidate with an “R” or “D” behind their name is one way to elect officials, we are here to help provide you with more insights into the actual stances of the candidates on family values.

We are here for you, but all this background research takes time and resources. If you value this type of information, please consider donating to our organization. You can make a gift by going to this link and donating online, or simply use a donation card and envelope you may have received in the mail. Either way, your donation to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is always used to do this and similar type of work right here in our state. Please consider helping us make sure your vote to advance family values always counts!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director