You Made Your Position Clear

July 16

One of the great pleasures in my capacity as the Director of Advocacy is the numerous opportunities to speak in churches on the importance of Biblical Citizenship. Recently, on one such occasion, a young man entering his junior year in a public university approached me after the sermon and said, “You made your position very clear.” My initial reaction of his compliment was one of perplexity. I mentally rehashed my message to scan for any key points that were purposely persuasive enough to account for his comment. As he continued to share his points of agreement and even disagreement with me, I was able to identify the specific claim that caused him to approach me and inquire further about my position.

Christians should pursue good public policy, in particular, the Biblical family structure as the foundation of society. In other words, every child has the right to live and experience the love of a father and a mother.

Yes, it is true. I firmly believe the biblical family structure is a non-negotiable position for Christians who claim devotion and loyalty to Christ. I am derided by some for remaining faithful to God’s perfect creative order for the family as established in the opening chapters of Genesis. These core universal, historical, and orthodox views include:

  • Human life at all stages of development and existence must be honored and protected.
  • Marriage is the lifelong covenant relationship between two unrelated adults of the opposite sex.
  • Sex is a biological binary reality.
  • The relationship between parents and their children should not be violated by the state.
  • Parents have the responsibility to raise their children according to their family’s faith and tradition without interference from the state.

Yet, these long established acceptable and mainstream views are now scorned and routinely overruled in the pursuit of progress.  Postmodern activists want to erase what they perceive to be archaic oppressive ideas – such as male and female, as they reorient society for their new world.  They are relentless in their effort to redefine and reimagine every institution.

I refuse to allow those who seek to dismantle and destroy the biblical family unit to go unchecked and unchallenged. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey® will advocate for your position because the future hinges on our joint engagement.

“Christians need to understand what is at stake. The end of parental rights
is the end of the family, and eventually, the end of human
civilization as we know it.”

Dr. Albert Mohler, The Gathering Storm – Secularism, Culture and the Church.

Standing strong,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy