Rare Consensus Among Americans. Abortion Is Not A Positive Thing.

July 30

American’s views regarding human life are irreconcilably complex and inconsistent. A recent poll conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University states that only 39% of Americans agree with the statement “human life is sacred.”

Similar numbers were confirmed by the University of Notre Dame’s latest research report on “How American’s Understand Abortion.” Their findings indicate that 33% of Americans morally oppose abortion. These two current polls reflect on average that 36% of people believe human life should be affirmed, honored and protected at all stages of development – from conception to natural death. On the surface, it seems tragically low, but a closer look reveals the erratic worldview of the ordinary American.

All participants in the Notre Dame poll, including those who intellectually supported abortion rights, did not find abortion to be a positive or desirable thing. In other words, the 67% of Americans who did not believe abortion was morally wrong, contradict themselves by their negative view of abortion. A practice can be bad but not wrong in a post-modern belief system, untethered to objective truth. This is the secular – sacred divide that is rampant in a morally disjoined culture. There is unquestioned tension between people’s public views and their private conscience. Therefore, persuasion is possible.

Hence, the best news once again is the number that finds itself repeatedly at odds with the super majority of pro-abortion legislators in Trenton. A majority (65%) said abortion should be completely illegal or legal only in certain circumstances. A separate 2019 Marist poll found 75% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal or only legal in the first three months of pregnancy. These data points undermine the pro-abortion industry. Sadly, in NJ there are no restrictions on abortion despite the widespread support of laws limiting this “negative practice”.

How can you help?

Find a Story- Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey®, is part of a leadership team of a statewide pro-life coalition. We are in search of a child who was born in NJ between the 20-24 week mark of gestation. It is our hope to find families who will share their story about the beauty of life at the “preemie” yet viable stage of human development. A personal story from a family directly impacted by a premature birth will help to end the 1200 yearly late-term abortions in NJ.

Fast and Pray – join others on Friday, August 7 for a day dedicated to prayer and fasting for the unborn in NJ. Pray for upcoming legislative meetings we will be having with key legislators regarding the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

Please contact newjersey@familypolicyalliance.com if you know of a family who might share their story or if you will be part of the prayer and fasting on Aug 7.

Making NJ better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy