BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Kathy Skroch for State House of Representatives

July 31

There are certain legislators you know you can count on when it comes to protecting and advancing family values. Representative Kathy Skroch is one of these legislators.

I have had the privilege to work with Kathy for a number of years and here are my observations. If I’d have to choose a defining characteristic of Kathy, it’s that she cares for the people of North Dakota, especially our children. For example, last session she sponsored a bill that expanded the ND abandoned infant immunity policy – when parents feel overwhelmed and believe they can’t adequately take care of a newborn. Aside from helping the mother and father, it was also another way to reduce the incidence of child abuse. Other examples include a bill to help children suffering with mental illness and a bill preventing takeover of childcare services by the ND Public School System.

Representative Skroch’s fight for our children also extends to the unborn. She voted for and strongly supported the two pro-life bills introduced last session; one which required notification to pregnant mothers that chemical abortions can be reversed and the other bill which banned dismemberment abortions.

Kathy listens and learns. Whenever a bill comes before the legislature, she does her homework. She pays attention to the information and opinions provided by her constituents, as well as input from other legislators, groups such as ours, and gathers other key resources. She is a smart and thoughtful legislator.

Representative Skroch serves on the Agriculture and Human Services Committees, as well as the Interim Agriculture and Transportation and Human Services Committees. Aside from simply serving on these committees, she most importantly has the respect of her fellow committee members and legislators at large.

Representative Kathy Skroch has always fought for the people of District 26 and other North Dakotans when it comes to representing pro-life and pro-family values in the legislature. If reelected to her position in the North Dakota House of Representatives, we have no doubt that she will continue to be a strong ally in representing your most deeply held beliefs.

Supporting Kathy Skroch,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


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