a Georgia princess

August 6

This week, a princess was born in our state. My daughter, Audrey Noel Muzio was born 7 lbs. 6 ounces on August 3rd, and she is cherished by her father – as she has been since the moment I found out about her existence last Christmas.

Before the dawn of time, the Lord planned for Audrey, He knew everything about her, and He saw fit to place her in my family. In the womb, He knit her together – designing her to accomplish His purpose. What a blessing and privilege it is to be the father of this image bearer!

When I look at Audrey, I am overwhelmed with joy. She possesses her mother’s beauty, and I already see elements of my bride’s personality as well as aspects her 3 brothers. Though just days old, she is both a combination of many things that already make my family special and a unique person who brings something new that we never knew we were missing.

I love Audrey, and I cannot wait to cherish every moment with her. What’s certain for Audrey is that she will be loved very much – by me and her mother, by Peyton, Cade, and Jarrett, by many others who already care for her, and, most importantly, by her Heavenly Father.

But, and here’s where I’m going to be a shameless father, the world Audrey will grow up in is far from certain.

Audrey was blessed to be born in the United States of America – and in the greatest state of the 50 – and in a time (pre-COVID) of unprecedented economic advancement. Yet, unlike any other election in American history, this November features an entire slate of candidates committed to undermining the core of what has made “being born in America” a privilege unique to the history of the world. Frankly, they hate what has made our nation great, and they hate the free conditions that have allowed for innovation and prosperity.

What’s worse is that, unlike any other election in American history, this November features an entire slate of candidates that are recklessly anti-science. They take the utterly illogical position that Audrey was not a person until she took her first breath days ago. And, they have the baseless belief that gender is a personal decision rather than a biological determination.

Unlike any election in American history, everything is on the line. American prosperity. The right to worship. Religious exercise in all aspects of life. The right to life. Reclaiming a runaway Court. The trajectory of nearly everything that will determine the future of the nation Audrey will grow up in will be determined in this election – with Georgia being foremost in deciding that outcome.

By no means is Donald Trump – or any candidate you’ll vote for in November, for that matter – perfect. But, there has never been a clearer set of contrasts between the America envisioned by the Right and the Left, and what happens in this election will set the course for my daughters’ early years.

For Audrey and for all in her generation, I’m humbly asking you to stand with us. Winning is critical, and, honestly, it’s personal. Can I count on you to support our voter outreach efforts with a generous donation of $25, $100, $500, or more today?

As a selfish father, I pray that the America Audrey will know will not be one where innocent life is snuffed out, gender is reinvented, church doors are barred shut, and all are vilified for their views – no matter how lovingly expressed – if they run counter to the left-wing mob.

In addition to Audrey, roughly 10,000 children took their first breath in American on August 3rd. To preserve the foundation of our nation and to forge a better country for them where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished – I humbly ask that you consider a donation today so that we can win big in November.

In closing, I want to say thank you to all who have prayed for and encouraged me and my wife throughout this pregnancy. Your friendship means more than you know.

A Proud and Hopeful Dad,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director