Know Your Options in Education

August 6

Schools are not the same today as they were forty years ago and will most likely not be the same in forty more years as we find them today. However, the task of the teacher will forever remain consistent and constant – shape the way the child views the world.

Public education should be a viable and affordable method of education for families of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. The curriculum should be fact based, neutral, and tested for academic excellence and accuracy. But tragically, as I stated in a previous email, public school is becoming less attractive to morally conservative families.

Therefore, we have organized a Home School Interest Panel on Thursday, August 13 at 7pm. This will be a live webinar featuring Darren Jones, attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association and Greg Golden, president of the North Jersey Home School Association. I will be moderating the panel as we discuss the following:

  • Legal requirements in the state of NJ for compliance
  • Laws and best practices regarding record keeping and grades for graduation
  • Home School students acceptance into colleges and trade schools
  • Diverse curriculum choices for different age groups
  • Groups for activities, friendships, and shared teaching responsibilities

Online learning has been widely practiced in the university setting for years. K-12 primary educators are now relying on virtual remote learning due to the coronavirus. Yet, Christian home school families have practiced individualized learning for years despite intense criticism. Clearly, the objection was not the method, but the message students were learning – biblical foundations in morality and thought.

With an increased likelihood that children might be spending time at home again this school year, this becomes a prime opportunity to take control of your children’s education. Register for the Home School Interest Panel to know your options in education.

Serving you,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy