Vote Now! 2020’s Biggest Politician Fails

August 10


Recently, we announced the inaugural 2020 Family Policy Alliance Donkey Awards for the biggest politician fails of the year.

We asked you to visit our website and vote for the worst of the worst—and many of you did so.

For those of you who did not, there is still time to get in on the fun – but not much. Our Donkey Awards poll will end at midnight on Wednesday so be sure to take a moment to weigh in.

If you have not yet checked out the poll, among those policies eligible for your vote are measures that eliminate all pro-life gains in a number of New England states, another on the west coast telling churches what to think and do, and yet another from the Midwest forcing people performing autopsies to mark the deceased’s sex “based on appearance” rather than purely on their biological sex. Vote for the weirdest, most dangerous, and the biggest threat.

We need your vote!

After the “winners” of the biggest fails are announced, stay tuned for GOOD NEWS!  Our 2020 All Star Awards will honor the biggest wins in the pro-family movement of the year.

So – go vote!

No, it is definitely not as important as the primary or general elections this year, but our poll is a unique way to show just how radical some states and lawmakers are willing to be. Often these ideas can spread to other states and it is important that you know about them now.

Take a moment to tell us what you think and then stay tuned for the results and lots of good news later this month!


Robert Noland
Communications Manager