The field is set

August 13

With Joe Biden’s selection of fiercely liberal Kamala Harris as his running mate and the people of Georgia finalizing their nomination selections on Tuesday, we now know who and what we are up against.

The field of names you will see on the ballot in November is set. And, the choices are clear.

Here are some thoughts as we enter this new chapter in the election season:

The top of the ticket for the Left is alarmingly bad:

Joe Biden’s extensive record in the US Senate is atrocious, and his partnership over 8 years with the most liberal President in US history didn’t leave much wiggle room. Yet, if there was any doubt about whether Biden was a leftist or a moderate, he erased it with a campaign to appease the Party’s socialist wing and with the selection of Kamala Harris as VP.

As we all know, it’s unlikely that Biden will be up to running the country for all 4 years. Harris’ radicalism would make Obama look like a centrist, and it appears she would have the real power in the Administration.

Abortion even after birth. A radical redefining of biology. An intense hatred of religious freedom and school choice. That’s what is embraced by the Biden-Harris ticket, and it’s also embodied in Georgia Senate candidates like Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

I know our supporters have various views (mostly supportive) of President Trump, but let’s be 100% clear: the consequences if he is defeated will be severe.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is an elections powerhouse:

After going 12-3 on primary night in June, we went 3-1 on Tuesday. In this nomination season, we helped deliver a huge win for conservatives like Rep. Philip Singleton who overcame a 20-1 money disadvantage to win, Beth Camp who pulled a huge upset victory, and Jason Anavitarte who, on Tuesday night, won by roughly 200 votes (with more than 20,000 votes cast), in what could be the deciding vote on RFRA and school choice legislation.

We also elected Billy Hickman, who defeated a Republican opponent that openly opposed the Heartbeat Bill, and re-elected Chuck Payne – who attended the 2017 Family Policy Foundation Statesmen Academy. I’m very excited about those YOU helped elect, and I’m thrilled to see our vision of Family Policy Alliance as the primary difference maker in elections coming to fruition.

We have a major battle on our hands in November:

From the race for the White House on down, Georgia is a battle ground. We have 2 US Senate seats that could go either way and 2 highly competitive congressional districts. Dozens of legislative seats are in play, and Georgia could make a bold statement for our values… or become a blue state in one election. It’s all on the line.

On Tuesday, a twenty-something extremist candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood and Georgia Equality, the state’s leading pro-LGBTQ group, narrowly won a bitter nomination to face Rep. Ed Setzler, the sponsor of the Heartbeat Bill. Our close ally, Johnny Crist is trying to flip a Gwinnett-based seat held by a far left-winger. We believe there’s an opportunity to flip the seat of liberal House Minority Leader, and we’re going to be fighting in swing districts all across Metro Atlanta. These races will be tough.

Some true statesmen/stateswomen won’t be on your ballot:

Some of our strongest allies and endorsed candidates either announced their retirement or didn’t win. Michael Caldwell, Jeff Jones, and Kevin Cooke are true conservative leaders, and they ran strong campaigns. We’re so proud of who they are and what they stand for!

Leaders like William Ligon, Bill Heath, Ken Pullin, and Scot Turner are among several outstanding legislators who felt led to step away from the legislative politics for now. We are so grateful for them, their leadership, heart for service, and bold commitment to our values.

I have so much I could say about each of these leaders, as well as others, that I can’t fit it all in this email. I’ll plan to find ways to express our gratitude to them in the coming weeks. However, I do want to single out one dear friend: Senator Renee Unterman.

Renee Unterman is a devoted advocate for the voiceless, and I’ve seen her walk through fire for our values. I’ve been with Renee when credible threats were made against her, and I’ve been there when protesters gathered outside her events. The Left hates her because of the stands she’s made, the convictions she holds, and the gains she’s made for our values. We would not have passed the Heartbeat Bill without Renee Unterman, and her leadership in that effort has cost her in many ways.

For her faithfulness and fighting spirit, I will forever be grateful. Renee is a public servant and true stateswoman, and I look forward to her voice continuing to be heard even as she is set to (temporarily) be without an official title.

We need all hands on deck:

In the coming days, we’ll be rolling out more endorsements, and we’re excited about providing a stark contrast with the ticket offered by the Left.

We’ll need your prayers. We’ll need you sharing the information we put out there. We’ll need you knocking on doors. And, yes, if you are in a position to do so, we need your financial support today.

Together, I believe we can and will win. By God’s grace, let’s make it happen!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia