Families Won in The Wyoming Primary Elections!

August 20

Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-First Amendment Conservative won a number of races on Tuesday in the Wyoming Primaries. Some races had several candidates that believed strongly in biblical values. What a blessing!

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming® strives to be impartial and objective in our rating system and so when a candidate scores an A and above, it is high praise! We assessed the candidate score based on whether the candidate pledged to: stand for the right of born and preborn life; uphold the promises of the First Amendment; support school choice opportunity that empowers families; and what their stance was on medical and recreational marijuana.

Here is a list of primary election winners who scored A or A+ on Tuesday.

Wyoming Senate

Of the fifteen races this year in the Wyoming State Senate, seven winners scored an A or higher.

Brian Boner, Anthony Bouchard, Dan Dockstader, Tim French, Dave Kinskey and Tim Salazar

 This is a substantial showing and we are so encouraged to know that they have moved forward.

Wyoming House of Representatives

All 60 seats were up in the Wyoming House of Representatives. 29 candidates who scored A or A+ on our scorecard will be advancing to the November general election.

Chip Neiman, Hans Hunt, Jeremy Haroldson, Aaron Clausen, Sue Wilson, John Ecklund, Jared Olsen, Clarence Styvar, Donald Burkhart, Danny Eyre, Evan Simpson, Dan Laursen, Jamie Flitner, Mike Greear, John Winter, Mark Jennings, John Bear, Timothy Halliman, Pepper Ottman, Joe MacGuire, Art Washut, Steve Harshman, Bill Henderson, Jim Blackburn, Bob Wharff, Rachel Williams, Cyrus Western, Roy Edwards, and Charles Gray.

There were several high scoring candidates who did not quite make it to the winner’s podium.

It takes courage to risk your time, finances and hard-earned reputation in a bid to serve God and your neighbors. I am so thankful for their willingness and self-sacrifice. My prayer is that God will grant them all peace and understanding of His will.

Now we turn our attention to the General Election season. This is undoubtedly one of the most vital elections in our generation! We will keep you up to date here on our website so please check in every week.

For Wyoming,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director