The Supremes

August 20

This week, we’ve heard a lot about what a “nice” and “decent” guy Joe Biden is. It may be true that he’d be a friendly guest at dinner – provided you were willing to make it an early one.

Yet, there is nothing “nice” or “decent” about his platform. He wants to erase gender, redefine biology, and deny the right to life. His platform would impose the most radical agenda our nation has ever seen – a big government, anti-opportunity, anti-faith agenda.

And, when you vote in November, this agenda isn’t simply a legislative and executive one. It will redefine the Supreme Court.

At the end of the next presidential term – Trump’s second or Biden’s one and only – Neil Gorsuch will be 57, Brett Kavanaugh 59, Elena Kagan 64, John Roberts 69, and Sonia Sotomayor will be 70. With the average age of the previous 6 Supreme Court departures being 81 years old, it’s likely that their replacements would be left to the next president – at the very earliest.

But, by the time the next presidential term ends in January of 2025, Samuel Alito (who was rumored to be considering retirement just months ago) will be 74, Clarence Thomas 76, Stephen Breyer 86, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be 91.

If Joe Biden wins, he will almost certainly appoint replacements for Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg – securing the Court’s left flank for years to come. And, it’s possible (though perhaps unlikely) he would have the chance to appoint replacements for Thomas or Alito, which would represent a profoundly leftward shift for an already runaway Court. Only David Souter, in recent years, would have exited the Court sooner than both of these justices, and he did so with a president of a similar ideology. Still, especially given the Alito rumors earlier this year, we can’t rule it out.

If Donald Trump wins, both Breyer and Ginsburg would still be unlikely to remain on the Court through the entirety of the second term. Among recent departures, only John Paul Stephens would have been on the Court at an older age than Breyer, and his age (90) would be a year younger than Ginsburg’s in Jan. 2025. And, Thomas and Alito – neither of whom seem to be inclined toward remaining on the Court for as long as they physically can – would be likely departures for a president who would appoint a replacement with a similar jurisprudence.

In short, a Biden win would at least cement the status quo of the Court – one that is already far too leftist. A Trump win could likely unleash the most conservative Court in the modern era, and, by the end of the second term, he could have made a total of 6 Supreme Court appointments.

My friends, Joe Biden could be the nicest guy on the planet. I don’t know him, but good for him if so. But, no amount of niceness is worth the next term of Supreme Court appointments.

Losing this election would have devastating effects. Winning could be the most significant event to happen to SCOTUS in our nation’s history.

Let’s win,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director