ANNOUNCING the 2020 Family Policy Alliance All-Stars

August 21

They’re here! Meet the winners of the 2020 Family Policy Alliance All-Star Awards! These awards represent the best pro-family legislative efforts of 2020. Each of these legislative efforts did something positive for the family, including advancing opportunity for children, protecting life, and making the best out of difficult situations. Is your state in the mix?

  1. Best Interception Bill: Banning “Sex Change” Operations for Children

Thought bodily mutilation was a thing of the past? Not if the Left gets its way! We know that over 85% of children who struggle with gender identity through adolescence reconcile with their biological sex by adulthood if gender transition is not forced upon them by adults. Yet a political agenda seeks to encourage these children to make a drastic life and body-altering decisions before they even reach the age of 18. Thankfully, 29 groundbreaking bills were introduced in this past session to protect children from devastating, body-mutilating “sex change” operations. These bills protect children from going down a path of no return and give them the opportunity to obtain true holistic care.

  1. “MVP” Law: Saving Girls’ Sports!

Did you know that there’s only one state with a law that requires you to be a girl to play in girls’ sports? Sounds like a no brainer! But Idaho is the first state to reserve girls’ sports for girls! Radical activists are pushing for boys, who feel they are girls, to play in girls’ sports – something that often results in biological females losing out on championships, scholarships, and other elite opportunities. That’s why Idaho’s new law is so important – we hope it’s a trendsetter for other states!  Join the Save Girls’ Sports movement to help spread Idaho’s law to other states!

  1. Best Playbook: Heartbeat Laws

In 2020, Tennessee became the tenth state to pass a bill protecting a baby once they have a beating heart.  “Heartbeat laws” ban abortions at the point when a baby’s heartbeat can be detected in the womb—because everyone knows that the heartbeat is a sign of life. The strong prolife effort sends a powerful cultural message—and a strong message to the Supreme Court—that our country is growing weary of the scourge of abortion on its history books.

  1. The “Never Back Down” Award: Virginia

Year after year, Virginia fought off a bill to add special protections for LGBT categories in the law, similar to the protections given based on race or religion. It forces LGBT political propaganda in schools, trumps parents’ decisions about what’s best for their children, forces taxpayer funded sex change operations, and more. While the bill ultimately passed, some courageous Virginians showed up time after time to battle it. We are grateful they kept standing in the gap!

  1. Best Team Effort: New Jersey

Not only does the Left want to make your children alter their bodies, it wants to indoctrinate them at school! When politicians in New Jersey passed a law that requires LGBT political propaganda be taught in public schools, New Jersey parents rallied in amazing ways! Thousands of parents from a variety of faith backgrounds rallied together to protect their children from the influence of this dangerous curriculum.

  1. Offensive Player of the Year: Tennessee

Tennessee has been busy living up to its state tagline of “America at its best” as it forges the path to keep our kids safe. The state expanded its Education Savings Account program, which gives children in failing schools or underserved communities the opportunity to attend better-performing schools. Tennessee also passed a law to protect young girls who are victims of sexual abuse by preventing abortionists from overlooking the abuse of teenage girls. And, the state showed its pro-life colors when it passed a law preventing abortions of infants with a detectable heartbeat – something everyone can agree is a sign of life.

  1. Defensive Player of the Year: New Mexico

New Mexico overcame steep odds for a second year in a row and kept one of the Governor’s top priorities—codifying elective abortion up to birth in state law—off the 2020 legislative agenda. New Mexico also kept assisted suicide legislation from being introduced and in spite of a well-funded offensive campaign, defeated “wreck”-reational marijuana. Progressives are targeting the state with policies that destroy families, but they are fighting back in the Land of Enchantment!

  1. Most Pro-Family State of the Year:  Idaho

This year, Idaho proved that their state puts family first. The legislature created a law requiring hospitals to get parental consent before removing life-sustaining care from a child; a law ensuring girls’ sports are just for girls (despite radical activists wanting to let boys play on the girls’ team if they identify as girls); and a law preventing changes to the important biological and biographical information captured on birth certificates. And, as a bonus, the state will start issuing “Choose Life” license plates, with part of the fee going toward a pro-life organization in the state. Great work, Idaho!

Congratulations to these award-winning states and bills, and to the many dedicated people in each of them who worked so hard for these victories. They give us confidence that together, we can build an America where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

That’s a wrap for the 2020 Family Policy Alliance Awards!

Until next time,

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist