BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Senator David Perdue

August 26

Do you remember when David Perdue ran in 2014, promising to be a conservative outsider? We had hope that he would be what he said he would, that the principles he espoused on the campaign trail would translate to the US Senate, and that his knack for problem solving would be an asset to a federal government all-too-full of career politicians.

In his first term, David Perdue has been exactly that – a Senator delivering conservative results.

Do you remember Jon Ossoff? Yeah, he’s tough to forget. The San Francisco bought-and-paid-for candidate that was a national laughingstock before Stacey Abrams set a new standard for delusion. He’s back with the same phony resume, liberal agenda, and boatloads of cash.

As a candidate for US Senate, Jon Ossoff hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still dramatically out of touch with reality, out of touch with Georgia, and utterly unqualified. But, he still has the money to buy an awful lot of votes.

Make no mistake about it: the contrasts between these two candidates are severe!

Experience and accomplishment versus fluff and silliness. Business savvy versus entitlement mentality. Serious versus downright goofy. Conservative versus socialist. Georgia versus San Francisco.

Just as Georgia is a swing state in the bid for the White House, our state is front and center in the battle for the US Senate. We are the only state in the country with two US Senate seats open, and the Left would sure love to take both seats. They’ve been aiming to take out David Perdue since the day he was sworn in and we cannot let that happen!

David Perdue is a conservative, a problem solver, a pro-life advocate, and a leader who believes in limited government and opportunity for you and your family. It’s time to make sure he has 6 more years to fight for us!

Meanwhile, Jon Ossoff is loyal to Planned Parenthood and a puppet of Chuck Schumer. A leftist advocate for San Francisco, not us. It’s time to end his political career.

My friends, the choice is clear. We have a strong ally versus a committed adversary. Yet, in this battle, our opponent will not lack funding, will have a fawning media at his beck and call, and will have all the resources and support the institutional Left can bring to bear.

The consequences of this election are stark, and the need for our engagement is great. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Senator David Perdue and ask you to partner with us in re-electing this great statesman!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director