BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Congressman Jody Hice

August 27

When looking at congressional candidates, I measure them on the “Jody Hice Scale” because, quite frankly, he’s the gold standard.

Jody Hice is a devoted follower of Jesus, a bold conservative, a winsome and fearless communicator, compassionate, engaged in the movement, and humble. He’s not about politics, doesn’t perform for the camera, isn’t phony, and never shies away from doing the right thing. He is, in short, the embodiment of Christian statesmanship.

My genuine prayer for the United State House of Representatives is that more leaders like Jody Hice will be elected, but we need to start with the original. That’s why we’re proud to endorse this outstanding patriot’s bid for re-election.

For those who may be downtrodden when they look at the state of political affairs in this country, Jody Hice is the kind of official who provides hope. His decency, character, and boldness is a shining example, and he is a force for change even within our Georgia congressional delegation – providing leadership to shift it in a more conservative direction.

Congress’ foremost defenders of life, faith, freedom, and opportunity, Congressman Hice can be trusted to fight for what’s right, stand up to the radical left, and discern the truth in the midst of conflicting information and interests.

As the left comes for Georgia, they will no doubt attempt to make gains in the 10th Congressional District. We cannot let this happen! It’s imperative that we send a clear message that Jody Hice is exactly the kind of representative Georgia needs, and it’s important that Hice voters lift up those with similar values both above and below him on the ballot.

I’m proud to call Jody Hice a friend, and he’s been a strong ally of our efforts since we launched here in 2017. And, I’ll forever be grateful for all he did to help support and encourage our push for the Heartbeat Bill.

Our nation and our state are better because Jody Hice answered the Lord’s call to public service, and I pray that you join us in sending him back to Congress with a resounding victory!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director