CALIFORNIA: Take Action Now to Stop the Sterilization Bill!

August 27

PROOF: A Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles consent form proves that – despite legislators’ claims – AB 2218 will result in the sterilization of countless young Californians.

California is on the verge of passing a radical bill that would result in the permanent sterilization and bodily mutilation of countless individuals. Please take action now!

The bill (AB 2218) creates a large slush fund to pay for “transgender wellness” programs and services – such as prescribing experimental puberty blockers to teens, paying for cross-sex hormones, and funding irreversible “sex-change” surgeries.

While legislators claim that transgender drugs don’t cause sterilization, our friends at California Family Council uncovered proof positive: consent forms that repeatedly make clear that the drug treatments – not to mention surgeries – cause sterilization.

There is still a chance to stop this outrageous legislation, as final votes could happen any day in both the state Senate and Assembly. Send a message to both of your state legislators in just moments on our Action Center. Even if you’ve spoken up before, please do so again at this critical time.

And after you send your message, you’ll receive a confirmation along with your legislators’ phone numbers so you can leave a message by phone as well.

Thanks for making your voice heard and spreading the word!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager