Elections Matter Because Policies Matter

August 27

Politics is nothing more than the art and science of winning an election. Akin to contact sports as football and hockey, it can at times become personal and painful as passionate players are striving for dominance and success in their position and for their team. There is a strategy to win and rules and regulations the teams must abide by or be disqualified. Politicians are on the offense when they accuse their opponents, but then quickly pivot to defense to explain their record.

The Democrats and Republicans held their conventions over the past two weeks. The mainstream media has attempted to frame the narrative in their follow up TV interviews by asking pundits and politicians their views regarding the polls, postal service, and pandemic – but not policy. We must not forget that governing, legislating, and implementing public policy is the endgame of politics in a constitutional democratic republic. Presidents and governors are much easier to remove from office than repealing or replacing the laws that were enacted under their administrations– especially those instituted by activist judicial appointees. Even more troubling is the historical reality that individual rights once lost are nearly impossible to get back.

What is the responsibility of Christians in politics and policy making?

Drawing from the truth of sacred scripture, we are to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2), submit to the civil lawunless it violates biblical commands (Romans 13:1-2) and pursue good public policy that will benefit the city, state, and nation where we live (Jeremiah 29:7).

Unlike Christians suffering in China, North Korea, and under other tyrannical forms of government, we have the privilege to choose the individuals that make the laws that govern our families. Elections matter because public policy matters.

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey® will be endorsing and recommending candidates this election cycle based upon their views and voting record concerning the sanctity of human life and religious liberty. Please check our Elections page for regular updates on the congressional and state legislative candidates that reflect your values.

Serving you,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy