You Did It! Trump Administration Stands Strong on Girls’ Sports

September 4

You made a difference (again)! During June’s #SaveGirlsSports Week, you took action and asked President Trump and Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to reject the Left’s demands to allow biological boys to compete in girls’ sports.  Thousands of you wrote to President Trump and Secretary DeVos with appreciation for their strong stand up to that point and a call to continue leading to ensure women’s sports were not destroyed on the mantel of political correctness.

At that time, we were encouraged by the Department of Education’s May 15 decision that said a Connecticut policy allowing biological males to play in female sports violated Title IX – the federal law that made women’s sports possible at the level we enjoy today.  However, we knew in June that the Trump Administration was under intense pressure to walk back its stand for female athletes in light of the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision which redefined “sex” to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” for purposes of employment law (Title VII).

On June 26 Family Policy Alliance sent a coalition letter to President Trump and Secretary DeVos on behalf of 46 pro-family organizations and ministries which echoed the call to action that so many of you responded to on the very same day.

We were very heartened this week to receive a reply from the Department of Education to our letter.  A direct response from an Administrative agency is rare – but a substantive, definitive letter of support from a department is nearly unheard of.  That is why we were so encouraged by the Department’s letter and wanted to share it with you.  Allow me to provide a few highlights:

  • It unequivocally states the Department’s “commitment to ensuring Title IX is vigorously enforced at every level of education”.
  • It provides the legal justification for why the Bostock decision does not control the Department’s interpretation of Title IX or its regulations.
  • It affirms the Department’s view that “single-sex teams [are] based only on biological sex at birth – male or female – as opposed to a person’s gender identity.”

Once again, let me say that YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE.  When pro-family Americans come together and make their voices heard, great things happen.  This is what biblical citizenship is all about!

Thank you for standing with us to defend God’s design for family, the inherent worth of every life – male and female, and our most prized freedom of religion.

For freedom and fairness,
Amanda Banks
Director, External Relations


P.S. The fight to #SaveGirlsSports continues!  We must protect the integrity of Title IX at the federal level as well as fairness in sports at the state level.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to sign our petition to #SaveGirlsSports by enacting laws in every state in the nation to protect female athletics by ensuring that only biological girls can compete in girls’ sports.