Life Is on the Ballot

September 19

When Justice Ginsburg passed away yesterday, it crystalized battle lines for this election.

Indeed, those lines were already pretty clear:

  • The Biden/Harris presidential ticket looks to be the most extreme abortion ticket in history, and Democrats down the ballot – from Congress to governors to legislators – generally follow suit.
  • In contrast, President Trump and Vice President Pence are proving themselves to be the most pro-life ticket in U.S. history, with Republicans down the ballot in most cases carrying the banner for babies in the womb.

Furthermore, legal scholars have long believed that one more conservative justice could (finally) pave the way for the Supreme Court – without relying on John Roberts – to put an end to the legal “mass grave” Roe v. Wade has been for babies in the womb.

Justice GinsburgThis is why the passing of Justice Ginsburg marked a sea change in the dynamics of the 2020 election. Both the pro-life and pro-abortion sides felt the weight of the moment, with life and death more profoundly in the balance than ever before.

The abortion lobby, led by Planned Parenthood, is ruled by fear that their taxpayer gravy train and blood money might at last come to an end.

Pro-lifers, who have faithfully worked year after year to cut away at Roe v. Wade’s death grip, were already feeling the momentum of living in the most pro-life generation since the 1973 Roe decision. Now, at long last, overturning one of the gravest human injustices in world history could finally be only one President Trump Supreme Court nominee, one Senate confirmation, and one decision away.

Feel the weight of the moment.

In 2020, we must vote like their lives depend upon it—because they do.

You’ll see candidates’ names as you cast your votes this year, but life itself is really on your ballot.

Even as our nation faces pivotal decisions that will shape the Court and the country for generations, we ask that you engage in the process of politics like never before—not for the sake of any political leader or to over-spiritualize politics. But for the sake of the 60 million lives already lost to abortion and the mothers left at the mercy of the abortion industry.

In addition to your prayers for our nation, here are three very practical ways to engage now:

  1. Use our Voter Registration Tool to make sure you’re registered to vote—and send it around to your friends, family and church members as well. We know about 25 million Christians didn’t vote in the 2016 election, and we need the family of believers to change the tide!
  2. Work with your church to participate in one of the upcoming Voter Registration Sundays. You can use the same voter registration tool, and we have an easy downloadable guide for participating churches as well. Join on:
    Sunday, September 20th
    Sunday, October 4th
    Learn more here.
  3. Consider a gift to Family Policy Alliance’s election efforts this year and rest assured that your gift will be used to rally more voters to #VoteForLife.Donate now


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